It’s amazing the difference a little drywall makes!!! Two guys have been in my basement since 7am this morning and they’ve already gone through over a 100 sheets of 5/8″ drywall. My hubby just had to run out to get them another 25 or so sheets. I went downstairs and I almost started to cry. It’s actually going to be finished soon. Besides the little drywall dust covering everything on the upper floors, not to mention my lungs… I’M SO EXCITED! I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!!

p.s. Jake started puckering up and smacking his lips for kisses last night. He kissed all the kids to bed and has been giving me kisses all day long! Gotta luv it!


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  1. WOO HOO! And slobbery baby kisses are the BEST!!!

  2. Hey Glad to see I’ll have to come down soon and see. I’m sure dad is happy too.But once it really does happen I’m sure he will miss having yous up there too. It has kept him occupied anyway. Well see ya soon.

  3. yeah we will have to go to ikea soon and we will have to have a painting party and decorating time

    I love getting things done

  4. congrats on the progress!! goina have a party??

  5. Awww – kisses are fun 🙂

    I can see you are excited about the dry-wall. I would be too 🙂

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