The kids were up early again today; it’s another day by the pool.

I’m up at my sister-in-law’s, 3 hours north of where I live. We finally left our home at 1:30pm on Tuesday and arrived at dinner time. We would have made it all the way but the baby woke up an hour from Judy’s place. They swam that night and all day yesterday too. The weather’s really not that warm, it’s 10:40am and only 20.5 C outside with lots of cloud cover, but that doesn’t bug the kids. They could swim even if it was close to freezing.

JZ is in a playpen next to the pool getting wet everyonce in a while as the older 2 flop around. My 3 year old is their cheerleader. He’s not sure of the water, it’s too cold – he needs bathtub temperature. He’ll go in later… as long as he doesn’t get splashed! He’s having “his kind of fun” – busy throwing in the pool toys for Q and Em to retreve.

I’m borrowing my SIL’s laptop with wireless network…. this is the life – I can be outside next to the kids and enjoy my kind of surfing!! I think I’ll start saving up…


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  1. Sounds like a good deal. Good times had by all. Makes you wonder what all the fuss was all about with the kids fighting and running. I hear ya, all we moms need is just a moment here and there to take a deep breath.

  2. Sounds wonderful. And isn’t it great to be able to be online while you’re outside? I just LOVE my laptop with Wi-fi. How did I ever manage without it?

  3. I know I so want a lap top too! hopefully after we move. my kid were in the pool here this morning at like 8:30! they are crazy!

  4. Heh, Future Shop has laptops on sale where if you get wireless with it, they knock off 200.00..are there Future Shops in your province? We’re switching to wireless highspeed ADSL from cable…cous cliff convinced me

  5. absolutely! buy a laptop! today! 🙂 I’m loving mine, even though I fought tooth and nail, I didn’t think I’d like it. Now I realize that what I didn’t like were the small ones. get one about 15.4″ monitor, and you will never stop blogging.

  6. Sounds like you are haivng a blast!!!

  7. PS – whenever I comment on your site, I get a “return to sender” email from your email account. i think that means that the email address you are using for comment notification is out of date. just a thought.

    either that or it’s a nice way of telling me to stop commenting 🙂 lol

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