What a great summer weekend!!


It’s been raining hard and steady all day long. The kids have been cooped up and I’m starting to get cabin fever. They’re in my room now watching a movie while JZ sleeps on my bed.

Since we still haven’t unpacked from our move last August… long story if you have never been here before, we don’t have all our board (bored) games out. We’re usually on the go-go-go so my kids aren’t too used to just sitting around. I think if this keeps up we’ll take a drive to the local library for the afternoon. Try to do some “free” indoor stuff – that a million other people aren’t doing on this rainy Saturday afternoon.

Any suggestions for rainy day activities? (that don’t involve using a kitchen, which I still don’t have…)


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  1. oh man! what would I do for a little rain!! or cooler weather! we are having a major heat wave here and you break out in a sweat from just walking down the hallway!
    then add to that a little 4 month old baby who wants to be held……ugh……can you loose weight this way???? oh I hope so!

    we are having a fam bbq today at tam’s!

  2. Rain, what is that? Seriously, we are in need of some. I don’t even know what it looks like anymore. The rain falls in the mountains around us, but it never makes it into the valley…
    Great fun trip for your kids though. I used to go with my sister all the time to the library when I was little.

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