Talk about having favour!!

My hubby has a piece of paper taped to the bathroom mirror and I can hear him in the morning reading it. It is a confession of faith about having favour, from God and from man. It’s not a chant, a “name it and claim it” saying, or even a wish list ~ it is a tool to help grow his faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. It is a constant process, hence the “-ing” on the end of it.

Over the years we have experienced incredible favour. Being in the right place at the right time as people will say but I do not believe in coincendences. God has saved our bacon on numerous occasions. No good thing will he withhold from us because we are His favoured children.

And so that brings us to today’s post…

Our student, Jerry, from China surprised us by giving notice a few weeks ago and as of July 15th moved out after living with us since August 2003. I haven’t heard forsure about our other student, Hui, but I have a feeling she’ll be gone as of the 31st. We were at a quandary at what to do next, especially knowing that new students do not arrive until the end of August / beginning of September for the new school year. To be honest… I didn’t really want another “new” student. I didn’t want to cook, clean up after and entertain another person right now at this time. I have been a Homestay “mom” off and on since my oldest was 9 months old; 7 years and 2 houses ago.

Out of the blue ~ I mean REAL blue… someone from a church that relates to ours in the big city an hour from us calls to ask if we have an empty room. She has a co-worker who’s son has graduated and got a job in the tiny town next to ours, how much would we rent it out for?! Out of the blue blue blue! His mom phoned today and they came by this afternoon and rented it 10 minutes later. He comes from a good church-going Christian family, he’s 21 and an honour graduate from a great College on the lake of the big city an hour away. He got a job as a chemist and starts MONDAY. He is moving in after church tomorrow afternoon!!

God is good! He knew the need we had and didn’t miss a beat.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. what a wonderful exciting thing. i don’t believe in coincidinces either!

  2. Wowzer! Now that is a godincident. One down and one to go. Ready for the next?

  3. that is wonderful that you open up your home to others. Your family sounds so nice I am sure they are blessed to have found such a nice family to rent a room from!

  4. wow that is SO cool! God is amazing!!

    hey agree with us for some of that favor for us! with our financing for the new house! we have been standing on that scripture for years too!

  5. You know ~ I still marvel at God’s hands, most of the time and I know I shouldn’t. God is so amazing sometimes it spins my head. I am so glad that God answered before you have have asked.

  6. How wonderful. It is so great to see the Lord working in our lives, meeting our daily needs.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

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