With all that drywall dust happening all day today, I didn’t think cleaning would have been a good idea (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

Then it hit me while sitting here in bloggersworld (while a fly does laps around my head) that I have around 20 students from Japan (2 week exchange program with our local college) coming to my house tomorrow afternoon!!! They are coming to meet a nice, normal Canadian family…. we were their only available choice! 😉 They will sit in the living room with us and ask us questions and then tour the house. Yes… looking through my house!! I knew I should have been doing something productive today – especially since I only had JZ (the other 3 were pawned off – I mean – spent the day with friends).

Tomorrow morning my hubby is taking off for a few days with other pastor buddies. It’s a big getaway for them to bond and do all that fun male bonding stuff… He won’t be here to help me get ready for our guests.

If that’s not bad enough – or stressful enough – we have a new full-time student from Shanghai, China arriving to live with us on Friday night. Her room is somewhat ready. We managed to put a large piece of carpet on her bare floor (thanks to friends who donated their carpet). I have to find hangers; I think they were abducted by aliens – the hangers that is… not my carpet giving friends… The drywallers are taking a break tomorrow, they worked from 7am – 5pm today (and they are about 90% done) but will be back on Friday morning… *mental note* more to clean before Ji arrives.

K, there’s more…. we are leaving for a week of camping starting on Saturday afternoon when my hubby returns from his male bonding time. He won’t be here either to help me get ready for camping!! Do you see a pattern for stress here?? I told the college that we won’t be here for the first week our new student is in our home…. but I haven’t told the student! Thankfully our old student, who is also from Shanghai, is going to take care of her and show her the ropes and feed her… we’re kinda responsible for that and are neglecting it. She’ll be fine… she’ll still love us, right?!

We will be home Saturday afternoon (the 2nd) with plenty of time to get ready for our student from Japan to move in! HAHA are you laughing with me yet?! This period of time is only for 2 weeks and it’s actually more fun than stress – I get to practice my Japanese/English interpreting skills. Although I don’t know how we’re all going to get to church??

Through all of this… have you been counting the number of people that will be in the house at one time?? Gotta love it! I think a full home is a happy home!!

I better get some sleep! If you phone and I don’t answer… you’ll know why. 😉


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Remember that you have an extra helper and she is good at cleaning the bathroom… feel free to put her to work!

    Have fun 🙂 I am sure all your students will love you but I have to ask, Where are you going to put them all??? Joking!

  2. oh man you sound like me! so much to do but sitting on the old puter blogging instead!!!

    guess I will talk to you when I am moved into my new house!

  3. Hey, you blog addict…get some cleaning done!! It is amazing, when I don’t sit by the computer all day, my house stays cleaner!! What a concept;-)

  4. Oh my goodness…you are going to have a houseful!!! Sounds like it will be a fun and exciting time though!! Have fun!!!!

  5. We hosted Japanese students at our house for three years. It was a hoot! Sounds like you have some busy but rewarding times ahead, Shash. I love your attitude.

  6. Hey, I hope it went well with the students today. I posted that recipe on my blog!

  7. I think is is beautiful that you are opening your home to the exchange students.
    You speak Japanese? Wow – you are amazing. Hope you are having a great time camping.

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