It’s been an exhausting weekend and I don’t even know what I did…

I think it was having the extra 3 year old that contributed… – whose mommy had her baby last night, it’s a girl. That makes 4 girls and 1 boy in that family now. I didn’t think having the extra little one would be that difficult, especially since I’m down 1 kid. (Q comes home in 2 days!!)

3 year olds are sneaky!! They played well for the most part but I had to keep the eyes in the back of my head open!! They were still giggling at 10pm and I found my earings had made the long journey to the sea. They filled the sink with water, chips, cups, hair gel and my earings. They were shiny… said with a smile only a mother can love!!

Last night was cute though – they were sitting next to each other on the couch – sharing popcorn while watching TV. She leaned over and said to my Li Li… “I love you” with a giggle. He was grossed out at first but soon was responding to her with, “I love you too”. This went back and forth for a while until he leaned in and gave her a kiss on her cheek. WHOA! Where did that come from? NONE of my other kids ever did something like that. I know it was so innocent but where do they come up with these things. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was cute.

Tonight when I dropped her off at her house he was happy to see her go, it was over between them. I guess 3 days together is 1 day too much. I love this stage in life. It is challenging and it takes consistency but it is well worth the labour and pain!


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  1. Aw Li Li…you are too cute! What a combination in your sink also!

  2. Ah, he’s too cute! He must have learned that when a girl tells you she loves you…you give ’em a kiss!! heehee.

  3. way too cute!! my 4 year old likes girls. it is so cute!!

  4. He may seem grossed out on the outside, but man are you gonna have to watch that one!!

  5. that is too funny! some kids just have it right away and others have to grow into it!!

    and oh man the they are shinny…….I would have FREAKED

  6. Young love, huh? Too cute!

  7. Too cute.
    Q was all excited last night telling me about his trip. That was too cute too!

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