My Mom called yesterday morning for us to speak with Q, for us to check up on him, hear what they’ve been up to and to encourage him. He and Emily were apparently not getting along so swift at that moment…

This morning I had a great talk with my sister about our kid’s trip (they’re in California right now with our parents) and we’ve figured out why the kids were at odds. Q is 3 months older than Emily but about a head shorter. While at Disneyland they were in line together to go down a log-type splashy ride, I don’t know the name of it – the last time I was there I was 13!! Anyways… Emily met the height requirement but Q did not, missed it by a couple of inches. He had to sit out the ride with Nana while Papa and Emily went on. That didn’t go over very well to say the least.

Q is a very sensitive 7 year old (he’ll be 8 in October). Mom told La La that he cried when they wouldn’t let him on. I think that’s where things got tough for him; rejection is always followed by resentment that is inevitably followed by rebellion. The “3 R’s of life” my Mom used to say.

I feel for my kids ~ they got the “short end of the stick” ~ compared to most people around them. They are usually the smallest, shortest or most petite in the group. It doesn’t help that my hubby’s mom was 4’11” and my grandma was about the same. My dad was short too until he hit 18 or 19 then he sprouted to his current 5’10” status. My hubby is 5’11” and I am 5’6″… if I stretch… we’re not from tall stock!!

I know he’ll be ok, just a little hurt but he’ll be home in 4 days… and I can’t wait to give him a hug. We’ll add praying for a growth spurt to his night time prayers…


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  1. Oh, how sad for him! It’s gotta be tough watching everyone else go on rides while you sit on the sidelines. Poor kid. Tell him it’s teaching him so charachter…I’m sure he’ll love hearing that. He probably won’t even know what it means!

  2. Poor Q…he will just have to go back again sometime;-)

  3. 4’11”? I suspect your search for the mystery clue as to why you have short children might end right there. I’m 6’4″ and I always tell little kids to look down at our feet. “See?” I say, “we both reach the ground at exactly the same point.” Sometimes I get a smile, sometimes a quizzical look.

    To Love, Honor and Dismay

  4. It is hard for kids to sit out on things in ‘fun places’. I know it is hard for Q, especially since mom is not around. But I think he will be okay 🙂

  5. I feel for Q! I’m 5’2″ on a good day!! My kids do happen to be pretty tall…they didn’t get it from me that’s for sure. But, our good friends have 2 boys and they are both fairly small for their age. Their 8 year old son is about a head shorter than my 8 year old daughter. That same thing happened to them last year when we all went to Sea World…on the log ride even. He couldn’t go and she could…he was crushed!! I know how he feels!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I can imagine that is tough on him! J being 6’5″ my kids are bound to be tall….taller than me at 5.5″

  7. I agree with Andrew. I’m 4’11 & 3/4. I usually say 5’ish. God did make each of us unique and special. I Remember being too short for the rides. It was a temporary disappointment that required a big hug and some distraction. Now however, when I’m too short for rides it is a blessing. At the grocery store it is a comical way I meet people who help get stuff down for me.

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