Thirteen Things I Like About Myself
Denise has put out a challenge for us to find 13 things that we like about ourselves. It is true that it is easier to pick yourself apart but can you build yourself up? Take the challenge and let me know about it. 1… I am a very confident person – not arrogant… there is a difference!
2… What you see is what you get – take it or leave it (I don’t have time to play games)!
3… I am a generous person – you want it you got it (within reason)!
4… I am getting wiser not just older and it’s about time!
5… I have 4 beautiful children who were all born “super”naturally (as easy as it was… I am glad that giving birth is over)6… I don’t have any stretch marks from the above-mentioned children
7… I love God with all my heart and have a desire to learn more, always teachable
8… I make friends easily
9… I have a strong work ethic that I want to pass down to my children
10… I come from a wonderful and strong family that will help me in raising my children and be an example to others
11… I like my legs (it sounds vain I know…)
12… I am beginning to like being in a leadership role in the church
13… I like that I am able to smile at life even when the chips are down13b…. my hubby read my post and is all moppy… I didn’t mention him but I did the kids… ok, so here it is! I really like that I have really great taste in men… even though I never thought I’d leave BC for Ontario let alone marry a Pastor!!! 🙂 Love ya babe!!

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I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. A great list! Alot of good traits!

  2. I like this…I have been thinking of what I like about myself for my TT as well…(in between making jelly). I can’t believe *wink* that your hubby read your blog I thought he didn’t “do” blogs!! Haha. Just kidding

  3. Poor hubby… good you included him. 🙂

    No stretch marks?? Lucky you!

    Thanks for participating!

  4. About #6, you must have superhero skin, when you gave birth to the supernatural kids! Ha, ha. Great list.

  5. Very nice list. 🙂 Happy TT. 🙂

  6. Good list. I read Froggie Mama’s today too and commented to her, as I will to you, that it’s nice to point out our good qualities every once in a while. We tend to focus on the bad.

  7. I like all those things about you too. Excepting the legs – heehee.
    Great list! check mine out too.

  8. Great list! These are just a few reason why people love you and why your such an awesome friend! Thanks for Sharing.

  9. i don’t have stretch marks either, but i’ve only got three, but i do have terrible legs, varcoise veins, that i had stripped, but my legs are still shot. i’m in ontario too, but i didn’t move from bc, i was already here.

  10. Great list!!! You have some good qualities…and yes there is a diff between confident and arrogant!!

    I’m glad you went back and mentioned the hubs…:) Does he feel better now? LOL.

  11. I love these! I also just added an email subscribe button to my blog as well. Great list!

  12. I’m loving reading everyone’s list this week! It’s good to focus on the good things about ourselves every once in awile! 🙂

    Great list! You sound like an awesome person! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. I don’t think it’s vain that you like your legs. We should be able to “LIKE” SOMETHING about ourselves!

    Anyway, no fair that you don’t have stretch marks; I have tons!

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