I had to change my template a little and in the process I updated my profile and photo – I also did a little editing to my links list. To all those who I had listed, I still visit you… I just removed everyone except my sister for right now.

This photo was taken at the last show of the last evening on the cruise we just got home from. My hubby was supposed to sing in front of everyone this night but the pianist couldn’t learn the music in time.

My computer is acting up and I’m typing faster than it is appearing on the screen. The monitor is also dimming… This is so frustrating as I am a fast typer. I can’t blog much during the day now that I’m working and new this year… restrictions on internet usage. I can’t even view anything related to a forum-style website, like a blog… 🙁

I forgot to do a shout-out to my parents yesterday, it was their 35th wedding anniversary!!

They met and married in 8 weeks, can you believe it?!! My mom told me once that when she saw him across the parking lot (or restaurant, I can’t remember now – I just know that it was in Gastown, BC) that she had an out-of-body experience. Just like in those movies where everything fades around you and you’re drawn to each other in slow motion. She said it was instant and mutual. On this cruise we were on together, they were all over each other! At one point I told them to go get a room… They’ve always been publicly affectionate with each other, kissy-kissy and touchy-feely. They spend a lot of time together too, working side-by-side in their office 5 days a week, they are always together. It’s a great example – to still be gaa-gaa over each other 35 years – 4 children (and many other live-ins) – 12 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild later. Wouldn’t you say?

Happy belated Anniversary Ma & Pa!!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I’m not offended – I actually like this font better anyhow, it’s easier to read.

  2. How special… you and your husband, and your parents too! Looks like you all had a fabulous time. Congrats to everyone!

  3. Wow, 35 years is such an accomplishment, but so is 10…I like your sidebar now, there are some cool sites that I am checking out too, and books (though I find the font a bit small). Sucks to actually have to work at work now huh?;-)

  4. Ruth has brought to my attention that I have stirred the pot (her words exactly as I am on the phone with her), I was just playin’ around but did notice i was not on the list. Sorry for starting a drama the love ya anyways

  5. Looks like you guys had a great time on your trip!! Too bad about your hubby singing…sounds like it would have been a cool thing to get to do!

    computer trouble is the pits!

  6. Nah Cheryl it wasn’t you, I KNOW you — it was a few other commentors over the past couple of months. I was going to change it right after I got home but then got distracted.

  7. That’s such a sweet story about your parents. You don’t hear stories like that too often anymore. Happy Anniversary to them!

  8. ok I hate it when you are right!! it was 8 weeks not 6 weeks…wonder where I got that date from??? hehe and hey thanks for keeping me linked!!

  9. Nice pic of you and Uncle D! Congats to your parents!

  10. Wow.. really admired ur parents ! Send my regards to them & my best wishes that they continues to be lovee dovee… shines for Jesus !!

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