I still can’t believe that I’m into my second week back at work. Maternity leave is over. 🙁 It has been awesome being home with the kids. I left work at the end of June 2005. 16 months off isn’t bad eh?!!

The last week and a half has actually been difficult at home though. I’m out of my routine and not getting much done when it comes to housework etc. I used to do that during Jake’s nap time which I’m at a desk for now… I’m late with the church bulletin and haven’t had much time to study for the ladies Bible study. I will get into a grove soon enough but adjusting to a lot of things along the way.

I was going over the things we were able to do while I was home and it was an amazing year!

I left work (after falling on my belly) the last week of June (2005). My in-laws had just moved into our 1,000 sq foot bungalow. We all lived together (all 7 of us, thank goodness my 2 students were home for the summer!) under one roof until August 18th, two days after Jake was born. They moved into the new house we built together and we stayed in the bungalow until August 31st when we handed the keys over to the new buyer.

September 4th (a few days after moving into our new house) we flew out to BC, the 6 of us, to spend time with my family. We left BC in our new RV for our journey across the US which took us 8 days longer than planned because our transmission blew while we were in Seaside, Oregon. By the time we got home we had been gone for a month (Oct. 4th)! On October 7th my hubby’s mom passed away in his arms in our new, larger= shared home from a massive heart attack, she was 70.

Towards the end of October someone from a church we relate to gave us (My hubby, me and Jake) tickets to Los Angeles, California to attend a large church leadership conference. It was a good distraction from all that was going on at home.

Christmas we spent up at my hubby’s sister’s house, it was wierd not having Mom there for the first time in our lives.

In January we flew back to LA for a week (the 3 of us again), this time for a Lead Elders Getaway. A time for the pastors and their wives to connect from all around Canada and the US. There were about 25 or 30 couples in total. It was great to deepen relationships, share what was going on in our churches, encourage one another and pray for each other.

In April our family hit the road again. We visited with friends in Maryland, toured the national monuments in Washington DC, and attended a local church (that we relate to) weekend meeting time in Leesburg, Virginia. Again a good time had by all.

In May, Jake and I headed out to BC for my niece’s wedding. We were gone through our 10th anniversary and mother’s day. This was the shortest trip out west I’ve made yet, only 6 days! It was a fun wedding and time with the family.

In August we spent a week as a family camping at our favourite Christian camp.

In September: Jake, myself, my sister-in-law and my niece drove to New York City. To visit with another niece and to see the Big Apple.

In October (2006) we as a couple got to go to Hawaii on an 11 day cruise – the first vacation sans children!! Thanks to my parents for a wonderful gift!!

So all in all —- a very active year home with the kids wouldn’t you say?!!! 🙂


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Definitely a busy year, WOW!

  2. “So all in all —- a very active year home with the kids wouldn’t you say?!!! :-)”

    Home? with the kids? Home? haha, just ahd to point that out. How many days were you actually home? You have a busier life then I thought I had!!

  3. you should quit when the basement is finished and the rest i can’t comment but will tell you in person love your sis in christ cheryl

  4. you left out the ltt and july august long weekend church camping trip

    just helping you remember that it was a real busy year

    love ya cheryl

  5. Your family has many blessings! enjoy

  6. oh my goodness. is it hard to part with your little one?

  7. Wow time does fly and going back to work is so bittersweet. But it does sound like a very good year!

    I miss you!

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