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Em’s pretty ornament

Jake’s little jolly snowman

My parents arrived so late on Boxing Day (after 11pm) that we couldn’t open our presents with them until after I got home from work on the 27th. We’re sitting in my soon-to-be living room. My mom wasn’t very fond of my green but trust me when I say it is a ton better than it was when it came out of the can!!! It’s like an olive green, it takes some getting used to…

My hubby put together the IKEA cabinets before my parents arrived and when my dad arrived he helped make sure they were level and fit. We had to do some moderations and returns, not everything that was supposed to be in the box – came with the box. It took them two days to level and attach the cabinets to the walls. When my dad left today he was still doing little things to help my hubby along. I didn’t want him working the entire time he was here – I think he had some time to rest but then again that’s my dad. (The last time he was here was when we moved into this house at the end of August 2005. He tells me it won’t be that long again for the next visit…) Anyways my hubby now has to put on the doors and order the counter tops and the sink and then the floor. It’s a lot of work and I can’t wait until it is done! Did I tell you what the Flex C-Ment quote was for??? $18 a square foot – plus the cost of the underpad stuff. I think the guy was a lot of his rocker. Now to research another avenue. I think I’m back to regular ceramic tiles. Any ideas? It’s a cement basement floor – which is cold to begin with…


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  1. Oh I love Em’s ornament, its beautiful.

    I am sure the basement is coming together. It will be nice to see a few more things accomplished. Way to go hubby and Papa!

  2. Hey Shashi;
    have a look at the cork tile flooring
    great resilient- softer than tiles and comes in a variety of shades plus natural colours. Can cut in borders etc.

    Enjoyed our time there and will try not on being so long between visits.

    It is very possible we will be back within the next fews months for a wedding?

  3. I like linoleum. I just put some in one of the bathrooms and it looks just like tile.

    I have the same olive green in my bedroom and I love it.

  4. IKEA, my mans favorit store aside from Home Depo.

  5. Happy New Year, Shash! Looks like your room is really turning out nice.

  6. hey there
    home again now and my computer is fixed, that was such a short trip but with the party tomorrow and then school on Monday we had to get back.
    thank you for all the presents! the girls all loved theirs, Hailey was reading the Bible for a long time in the truck! so thank you verymuch
    love ya

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