I’ve promised pictures for a while and up till now haven’t been able to deliver. My camera no longer uploads to the computer so I have to wait until I have enough pictures to make a trip to the local camera shop worthwhile so I can download my pics to a disk. Then come home and upload from the disk to the computer. The whole process takes far too long.

My oldest kid, Q who is 8, got a camera for Christmas present from my parents. They bought one for each oldest kid in the family. Thanks to his camera I’ve been able to enjoy my photos right away. Such a generous child is he!!

Last month everyone was talking about Christmas decorations and favourite ornaments. Well… here is our tree, which will come down this week. We always wait until after my hubby’s birthday which is on the 4th. It’s a snow tipped pine. It’s in our living room which is still not inhabitable so it’s been neglected and has since gone dry and is slowing falling apart.

These are the ornaments my kids bought each other. I like this tradition. Each of them drew a name and were given $10 to spend on an ornament. Each of them searched out for the perfect ornament and bought it on their own. Q put a lot of thought into his, it wasn’t until our 2nd shop that he decided on the perfect ornament for Li. It is a funny dog, which fits little Li Li to a T!

Em had her big brother Q. It’s a Gingerbread man trapped in a glass bubble. It’s very fragile so I hope it makes the decades to come. Em went up to the cashier all by herself and as I watched from a little ways away, the cashier kept missing her – taking the person behind her. I didn’t say anything, I wanted her to speak out. She gave me a little, “Help mom” look and of course I came to her rescue. I shot the cashier a look. The teenaged boy finally helped her out. She’s a quiet girl – who is very polite. I’m trying to help her come out of her shell…

Liam drew Jake’s name and picked out, on his own a little cute ornament. A snow man with snow in his belly. He even went to the cash with Q – all by themselves – to be big boys to buy it. He even gave me back the change…

Jake was grabbing at everything and wanted it all. We finally helped him decide on one pretty ornament for his only sister. A large fabric heart with lots of pretty beading on it.

I think they did pretty good for their first year. (Blogger wouldn’t let me upload any more photos than these. If it’s not one thing – it’s another!!! AUGH) Most of them spent under $5, it was only Q’s gift for Li that cost a bit over that. After they spent the money on each other they were in the giving mood. Each of them took their own bank cards and bought Daddy a $5 gift card from Starbuck’s (total $20). He’ll be good for about a week now!! If it were me, it wouldn’t last the day!!! Have you seen the price of a Grande Egg Nog Latte??!! Yikes!

I’ll continue to post pictures as I can to keep you up to date. I have shots of my kitchen in the making on my computer… now if only Blogger will be nice…


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  1. I like the ornament tradition.

    Can’t wait for the kitchen pics. Its going to look so good. You have great taste in decorating.

  2. beautiul pictures!

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