Yesterdays post was fun, I enjoyed visiting all the great belly shots. I think a pregnant woman is an incredibly beautiful thing. There’s a special glow and a wonderful feeling that comes from seeing and feeling LIFE within someone.

Life is so precious and it is a gift. None of us should take it for granted!!

Spring break is almost upon us! The kids last day of school is Thursday this week then they’re off all of next week. My hubby is home with them while I’m at work. I’m trying to figure out what they can do — that won’t be playing at an overcrowded kid’s play place. They can’t do much outside for too long, it’s been colder than cold out right now. It should be called, “2nd Winter Break” – there’s nothing close to spring out here right now!! My 4 year old (Li Li) is so done with all this snow. He doesn’t like being cold. Neither do I for that matter. I married into the wrong Province!!!

I’m so jealous of all those flying south for the break. I sold a bunch of travel insurance and US cash today. Teachers love Florida in March!! I wish I could join them… my toes need sand, sun and surf!!

We’ve never gone away for Spring Break, I’ve always had to work it. Do you do something exotic or take a vacation? Do you have to stay home – if so, what do you do with your kids??


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :o)

    We’ve never been ones to go away for March break either (it’s this week here in NB). I was always jealous of my friends (or even teachers) who were able to go some place for the break.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog for the party! 🙂 We’re in north/central AB – tons and tons of snow here still, although we get chinooks lots and it’s melted and refroze so many times the snowdrifts are all hard! My son can walk right across the backyard on TOP of the snow!

  3. What a beautiful blog. We have 4 kids too (7,5,4, and 2 mos). Life is reaaaally good.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you ever need a pierogi recipe, just let me know. 😉
    ~Toni (In The Midst Of This Season)

  4. Found your blog in a round about way from the blog party… I love it! I’ll be back!

    I am a mom who has sometimes stayed home and sometimes worked while my husband stayed home. Currently I’m writing novels, but I’m a nurse by trade.

    Anyway, I love that you blog for your family, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my titus 2 blog.

    Our reality is that, due to various circumstances that make for a very boring list, we don’t really take vacations.

    In my mind, Europeans get the entire month of August off and go to the beach. That’s what I’m jealous of!

  6. Dropping by for a visit. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. I can so relate to your longing for spring. I live in Northern Ontario and it has been -15 to -30 in the last couple of weeks (that’s Celcius!). We’ve never gone away for the March break but this year we are planning a day trip around these parts, to visit small museums, the Highway Book Store, a homemade wool store etc… should be fun. Our last official March break as I will be homeschooling all of my school-aged children (this year only one school-aged child attends school outside the home). Then, Spring break can be whenver we want it to be!

    Beautiful blog!


  7. Sooooooooooo what’s keeping you
    from moving to where it’s green grass all year round, the sky’s are cloudy all day, where seldon is hear a discouraging word and the possums and the raccoon play!
    You are best to be where God would have you. Right!!!

  8. Kayla loves the snow! She can’t get enough. I took her sledding last weekend and it made me remember that once I loved snow too!

  9. On the party circuit! Nice to meet you. I live in Michigan and always go to Florida for Spring Break. It helps that I have family that lives there!

  10. We don’t go away much…but one day, I am dreaming, one day we will go away!!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to have you stop by. 🙂

    Hmmm.. canadian comments… what? You don’t wear parkas during the summer?

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