Today is a snow day for my kids. They were so disappointed. Li worked so hard on his Valentine cards – well… actually… he bribed his older brother and sister to do them for him… and even though Em’s was sick in class yesterday (I had to leave work to pick her up and drive her home), she was NOT going to miss the Valentine’s party!! These things happen when you live in a snow belt!!! We’re supposed to have tons more snow fall today and tomorrow is supposed to be worse. It’s only -15C but with the wind it feels like -25C (that’s minus 13F)!! I thought the little weasel saw his shadow!!!

If you’re wondering about my list from yesterday – I’m not a bitter person who has no heart. It’s just that when I came into work I found out that another one of my clients had passed away suddenly. He was 45! This is the 4th client in the last couple of months – who is in their late 30’s to early 40’s – who has died with virtually no warning, not accidents but due to health issues. This latest one… he was in the hospital for a chest cold that wouldn’t clear up that moved into pneumonia. I saw his wife last week! She was all happy and fine – just was looking forward to him feeling better.

I called my hubby right away and asked him to make an appointment with the doctor for a full physical – the whole nine yards! That’s the best Valentine’s present I could have – I need him around. It’s not out of fear either. It’s been quite a few years since he saw the doctor and knowing his family history… I want all the T’s crossed. I need my husband and my children need their father – and my future grandchildren need their grandfather! Don’t let me be a downer on your day.

So a Happy Valentine’s to you all. I really do hope you have a really great day.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    My kids wanted to stay home today but unfortunately we walk and get rides from friends, and the school is not closed so away they went.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day
    love you sister!


    It is not fear, to have your hubby have a check up. God says my people parish fo lack of knowledge. NOt that there is anything wrong, but you need to know what to pray against and be wise about.
    I think Todd shoud go for a full physical as well.

  4. Groundhog!!! Not weasel… call him a groundhog or the little fella will get mad at us and winter won’t end until some time late August!
    Believe me these creatures have “people”… they’re very well connected!

    And Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Oh sorry, I don’t want to offend the little critter. “What an adorable little animal!!” (do you think his *people* heard?? 😉

    I’m having a tough day, Li is sick on the couch with a sore throat and a fever and my throat/glands feel swollen and I get dizzy every time I stand.

    My hubby came home and gave me the pink thermos I have had my eye on at Starbuck’s for the past couple of months, that was nice.

    He’s at church at the prayer and planning meeting while I’m here with the boys… I just hope Li doesn’t puke – I don’t “do” puke well!! That’s my hubby’s job.

  6. I think this is a great idea. It really makes sense. What good is chocolate without the person that gave it to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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