Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a big fan of this day, not that I don’t LOVE chocolate – ’cause IT – IS – A – FOOD – GROUP!! 😉 but because it seems like it’s the only day that guys take advantage of showering us gals with gifts. I’m not talking about my hubby, he’s getting better – or I’m getting more forceful, not sure which it is… But it is a pattern I have seen in my past and in others in their present. I also am not fond of being told what to do but that’s a whole other post…

I’m not saying abolish the day ’cause my kids have fun with it at school and at church. This year I just want to think outside the box. I’ve been thinking of a bunch of gifts that would be 100x’s better than a card, roses or chocolates — even diamonds! This clip (CLICK HERE) I saw the other day says that billions of dollars are spent on this day every year. Multiple of billions of US dollars – that doesn’t include that which is spent in Canada or in other countries. WOW. Anyways… I digress.

Here’s something to think about getting your loved ones this year:

* Donate blood.
* Sign a organ and tissue donor card (and tell your loved ones you’ve done it)
* Get a full physical check-up. The entire shabang!
* Start a program to get into shape; skinny doesn’t mean healthy!
* Update your will (or get one if you don’t have one!)
* Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank.
* Take your extra clothes and blankets to your local shelter (outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas they usually don’t see too much).

Start a new tradition ~ do something that is a matter of the heart!

Do you have any other ideas?


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I’m not much for special holidays… like Valentines, Anniversary’s etc. I find them too stressful… too much expectation.
    But… I like your list.
    Although, as an up-in-coming florist… this is where we make lots of money… so go out and at least shop for those flowers!!!

  2. I love getting flowers – anyone and everyone can continue giving me flowers – but don’t give them to me just because “it’s the thing to do”.

    My favourites are:
    Cala Lily
    Red Rose
    Mixed garden style bouquet (large)
    Gerbera Daisies (the brighter and more unique the colour the better)

    well… pretty much any flower would make me smile, especially in the winter!

  3. Just pretend I sent you all those flowers- It’s the thought that counts – Right!!!!!
    Anyways you can always count on my thoughts being one of LOVE to you –
    Yah – flowers would also go a long ways too.

  4. Does donating your hubby’s extra clothes count?

  5. Sharon –

    As long as it is not a yellow silk shirt and a purple jacket – or was it the other way around??!!!

    It’s taken me 10 years to completely change my man’s wardrobe!!!

  6. It was a purple silk shirt, mustard jacket, white pants and black shoes…can’t forget the mustard and purple tie that he said “tied it all in together”. And if that’s not interesting enough…I was wearing red.

  7. we go out for dinner on V Day but we like to go out for dinner and will use any excuse that we can get! other than that we think of it more as a hallmark holiday!

  8. Oh I’m so sorry my site keeps crashing your computer! I think I have too much javascript and junk on there! I’ll understand if you don’t come by, but I’ll be sad.

    I’m a simple gal. I don’t care for tons of jewelry or expensive gifts. A dinner out, some chocolate and a nice card are good.

    I LOVE your profile pic! Very romantic.

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