The boys returned safe and sound on Sunday evening from their rugged – “I am man hear me roar” – winter camping trip. Well… it’s wasn’t as rugged as years gone by but they had just as much fun. I am glad that my 8 year old, Q, was able to experience it with his dad.

They traded in their igloo making gear for a heated Yurt and the weather wasn’t a blizzard with freezing rain. That was last year! This year they had beautiful hiking weather and a wood stove to keep them warm at night. They were able to take up their favourite game, Settler’s of Catan, to play as a Yurt is more like a canvas cabin! The two younger boys (mine and a friend’s 11 year old son) watched movies on the portable DVD player. Yah, so not so rugged…. 😉

I know Q is looking forward to going again next year. He loves winter and loves being outside, he would have been fine and would have loved it if they did have to stay in an igloo! I can’t wait until my hubby can take all three boys — and our princess as well!! I think I’ll stay at a spa that weekend….

Just in case you didn’t believe me about the igloo thing….



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  1. Hey, my fellow Canadian! I love this story. It sounds like your husband and kids had an awesome time. The photos are great too. When we were first married we went camping in the snow… lol, our first and last time. I prefer to camp in the summer. (Visiting a spa sounds good too!)

  2. Yeah, I totally wasn’t believing the igloo thing, but WOW. THAT is impressive. I’m not even sure that I knew you were Canadian.

    That looks like MY nightmare. COLD COLD COLD. Glad they had fun. Guys seem to like that type of thing. 🙂

  3. Thanks for coming over to our Texas house…rather blog. I love snow and I loved your pics.

    I has been a while since we went to the snow filled mountains, but I can smell the pines and feel the blast of a snowball on my face!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. LIv, would really love winter camping. Hopefully Todd can take her one year.

  5. So what did YOU do my dear, while the boys played? “Camp” & “snow” are both four lettered words. I enjoy the sounds of the word “spaaahhhhh”uch better. 😉

  6. ok he is crazy! love him but he is crazy!

  7. Glad they had a good time. Pete and D will definately be going next year. They really wanted to go this year, but oh well…

  8. That sounds like so much fun…well, for guys anyway. I would love to hike in a woods with snow, as long as I could get warm soon.

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