I am so tired. Jake is teething again, it looks like 4 new ones all at the same time. He almost has a full set and he’s not yet 18 months. He has been up the last few nights – screaming and inconsolable and it’s usually between 2 and 4am. Last night was no different. He tossed and turned and flopped around and whined and screamed and gagged. Where do you buy those natural teething tablets from?

I need to get some rest. My throat is starting to hurt. This weekend was not a restful weekend at all. Jake and Li had 2 birthday parties on Saturday and then Em and Li had one yesterday afternoon. I should have said no to the second party on Saturday… I need to say that word more often!

The kids had a blast of course. The first party was for a friend’s baby (turning 2) from the church at a large indoor hamster cage, where the boys were able to run around, climb and slide and had pizza. I had Li’s birthday party here last September but it was during the week and wasn’t nearly as noisy! There were 22 parties on Saturday alone. Can you imagine the chaos?!!

The second party was at McDonald’s playplace for a boy from my friend’s daycare (where Jake goes every day) where they climbed another large play structure and ate hamburgers. These parties actually overlapped each other, two meals in 20 minutes. I don’t think this little boy friends outside of the boys at The Redhead’s Zoo, as I like to call it. Imagine with me if you will… the only McDonald’s playplace structure in our city on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of winter where it’s been -21C on a daily basis!! Can you say C-R-A-Z-Y?!

The 3rd party was for a little girl who just turned 4. She and Li play well together, she comes to the church on occasion and she’s also the niece of friends of ours. It was at a fairytale themed place. All the girls dressed up as royalty, including the Disney Princess’s and the boys dressed up as either Knights or as a super hero. They had a hairdresser come in and do the girl’s hair and makeup. Here’s Em getting all dolled up. They also face painted Li as Spiderman. They had a craft, cake, chicken nuggets, chips, a drink and even the loot bags were included. For the adults to keep them busy they had coffee and an air hockey table. Guess where Em wants to have her birthday party now??

So today I’m heading into work to get a break! 😉 This will be a quick week. My hubby is leaving early Friday morning with Q and another dad and his kid to go winter camping over the weekend. It will be -40C at night!! Q is all excited! Two more guys are driving up Saturday morning to join them. This year there will be no igloo (yes, my hubby usually builds one to sleep in) – they rented a Yurt instead. So it’s ice fishing and snow shoeing for the boys and me with 3 kids and a lesson for Sunday to finish. I haven’t preached (other than in Sunday school at to the ladies, small groups) in a year… 😉 not to mention 2 more birthday parties and a baby shower… this should be fun!! hahahaha After this I will adhere to my former post about rest!!!


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  1. Dropped in to say hi and happy monday.

  2. wow sounds crazy for sure! and like you will need a rest after all this!

  3. That does sound like a crazy weekend. I think I would’ve wimped out on a couple of the parties. You are better than I am I guess. Ha.

    I love that idea of the girls dressing up like princesses. I bet they ATE THAT UP!!

    Now, go get some rest.

  4. If Mr.Sandman shows up send him this way… I could use some sleep myself.
    My days and nights are blurred, for all I know I’m actually sound asleep dreaming I’m here…
    If I am, don’t wake me up!

  5. Wow, a lot to catch up on here! Your conference sounded great. Sorry you’re so tired, and feeling a little sick. Your kids’ will keep you busy, that’s for sure. Your husband’s winter camping trip sounds awesome… sleeping in a yurt? Very cool. (((Hugs)))

  6. Tell the kids I want them to take me those play places when I come to visit. The winter camping sounds realy cooooooooooool d

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