My oldest is 8 years old (9 this fall) and yesterday morning he woke up with 3 pimples on his chin. He had no idea what they were, he told me that I needed to take him to the doctor’s right away! At school a girl in his class called him, “Zit-face” – nice eh?!

They are really red today – oh how I want to pop them. My sister, Lala, suffers from the same compulsion!! This morning we had the, “soon there will be hair in areas” and the, “soon there will be a need for deodorant” talk and totally grossed him out. He just came home from school and asked me again to take him to the doctor’s. He said, “Don’t they need to give me a needle to get rid of this?”.

Oh how I am not ready for puberty – he’s far far too young!!


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  1. Oh my goodness. I am not ready for all of that. Avery is 10 and got a zit last year and didn’t know what it was. Thankfully it only lasted one day, but she did NOT like it. I was talking about this to some friends yesterday. I’m just not ready!!!!

  2. Ha, in grade 3 my nephew came home with a letter asking the parents to please send deoderant top school because of the smells after gym class!! Have fun;-)

  3. That is way too early for puberty isn’t it? WHOA! Bummer. I’m not sure which is worse: boys or girls. We’ve gone through both and it’s difficult – especially the hormone/emotion thing. I’ll take B.O. and zits over that!! Good luck with that. We still have 3 to go!

  4. I remember my first zit. Didn’t like it and still don’t like them!!!…wow..the oldest of the younger group of cousins is growing up so fast..Have fun.

  5. the weird this is even at 60 you can still get them – especially from junk food. on the positive side it makes me feel real young – duh!

  6. Liv, had two black heads last year.
    I try to stress the importance of washing her face everyday.
    BTW, welcome to the club.She is only 9 as of this month. At least you don’t have to deal with the monthly talk with
    All I say now, don’t be afraid it’s natural…and of course we’ve talked about why women get it.

  7. Oh poor kid!! My 10 year old doesn’t have zits yet, but she has needed to wear deodorant for about a year now!! Daily! And the way her hormones have been, I won’t be too shocked if her period starts soon. Although my mom was late and so was I, so who knows. So sorry for your son. I think it’s worse for boys sometimes to have pimples 🙁

  8. Oh ps, make sure he starts washing his face before bed everynight!

  9. oh my!!! he is a bit early but I have noticed that Emily is developing some black heads…so I bought her some gentle face wash clothes to wash her nose with, that might help Q too! but yes it goes faster then you know!!! but Morgan was 9 when she needed to wear BO juice so…..

  10. ok I just saw some zits on Morgan MUST.GO.SQUEEZE.AND.POP.AND.SQUEEZE.SOME.MORE.TILL.IT.POPS…..member dad and cleaning our ears???? wonder where we get the obsession from??hehehe

  11. You know – I started getting them for the first time just a few years ago. I ordered soap from LUSH (you all have those stores there.. right?) called Fresh Farmacy (that’s the way it’s spelled), I would let some of the soap dry on my face before rinsing it.. it totally cleared my face up! At least it’s a relatively cheap, natural way to help the complexion!

    I’m so jealous you all have LUSH stores there!!

    pimple poppers!!

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