With only one more week until Christmas, spending the weekend in the ER wasn’t exactly tops on my “To Do” list.

I’ve been struggling with a cold/cough for a week now, so when I arrived at the ER with my dear daughter they made me put on this beautiful face mask. Doesn’t it accentuate my eyes… yes, I put it on upside down… I am that good.

Emma fell in gym class at school on Friday afternoon. True to form, she’s is a tough cookie, when she figured out that if she went to the ER {in my city, ER wait times on average, 6-8hrs}, she’d miss out on her youth group annual Christmas party… said she was OK. It was just a little bit of pain… {Emma, is that your nose growing?!}

By Saturday morning the pain was unbearable. Still not wanting to wait so long in our own city hospital, we drove to another town about 25 minutes away. She was seen almost immediately, from triage to X-Ray to temporary cast was under 2 hours total.

She has a tiny fracture in her wrist but because it is in her growth plate, they needed to fix it right away. If left alone, severe malformation may happen, from premature stunting to arthritis. The first hospital made an appointment for surgery at another hospital close by for the very next day.

Sunday morning I dropped hubby and the two youngest off at church and off we went. My oldest accompanied us, to give his little sister moral support and to be my live action GPS as I didn’t want to get lost.

Emma was nervous. She’s never been put under before. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The doctors at Brantford General Hospital were so very kind and helpful, especially the Doc in charge of the ER, he spoke to Emma with such compassion and in easy to understand lingo. A very caring man! He put us at ease right away. It also helped to find out that Dr Dill is a well known surgeon with a great reputation.

After much discussion over her X-Rays, they felt it would be better put her under and manually reset the bones in the ER instead of cutting into her in the OR. Dr Dill had all his equipment sent up, they called for the anesthesiologist and got started, right there in front of me. Even under general anesthesia you could tell it was painful, her body recoiled as Dr Dill pulled her wrist into place. Then came the temporary plaster cast, next thing you know, she was waking up.

It took awhile for her eyeballs to stop shaking from side to side and from seeing double. Under that oxygen mask, she was also very grateful that she couldn’t smell the fecal dis-impaction going on behind the curtain beside her! I had to flee into the hallway to get away from the smell… I was gagging uncontrollably.

We’re lounging on the couch together today, catching up on our favourite TV shows. She was all set to go to school this morning, she’s aiming at perfect attendance… but pushed it a bit too much last night. She didn’t want to miss out on her Christmas play practice or youth group. I’m afraid she takes after me in that manner… never wants to miss out on anything until you’re forced to. 🙂

She goes back to BGH in January for a third X-Ray and a cast change. This time she wants bright blue!!

So… how’d you spend your weekend?


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. This post gave me the shivers when you were describing the Doc re-positioning her wrist. What a little trooper you have. I'm glad she's feeling okay now.

  2. I had never thought about a reaction occuring under General, but it makes sense…. your brain doesn't cognitively recognize what's going on, but reflexes are still ON. WOW. That would have been pretty intense!

    Hope it's not too sore today. It's not every day your break your arm and have it reset! Being under General usually leaves me a little weirder than usual for a few days. She should be good to go soon! What a trooper for sure!

    And, yah, Shash – like there's nothing else going on right around this time of year, eh? LOL! The timing of these things never seem to be ideal 🙂

    Hugs! Hope Miss E feels better and better, and that Mom doesn't go to crazy too!

    ~ Raylene
    It's OK to be WEIRD!

  3. Your daughter sounds like me.
    I fell on the ice at a youth retreat when I was 13 and broke my wrist. i didn't tell anyone but my best friend (who had Advil) and when I got home 2 days later my mom was furious!

    Glad she is doing okay now 🙂

  4. Hokeydoodle! You are a brave gal Emma! You too mom! I agree with spiffykerms, I had a complete body convulsion when you said her body recoiled. Feel better soon sweetie!

  5. Oh no! My body recoiled too at the thought of readjusting broken bones. We have experienced some broken bones here too, but thankfully no surgeries were required. I hope she feels better soon. Have a good Christmas!

  6. Oh it's awful when your child is hurt and you cannot help!
    I'm so glad she's doing well

  7. That is one tough cookie you have there – I DEFINITELY know where she gets that from!

  8. Love the face mask. Super sexy. Glad to hear surgery went well and hope for a quick recovery.

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