I finished my prescription of Penicillin on Monday and on Wednesday my throat starting hurting again and yesterday morning it was impossible to swallow. Strep is back. I phoned my doctor and had him refill my prescription. At least this time it’s not coupled with the flu!! My supervisor told me to stay home yesterday as I’m a tad contagious – I wonder if she’ll make me stay home today???

With the incredible winter storm we had yesterday I’m surprised that anything would be open. All schools are closed in our area. Power lines were downed, snapped like twigs, through the night because of the ice rain. It was an amazing storm yesterday. March has certainly come in like a lion!

With all that’s been going on in my house (Liam had hand, mouth & foot disease for a week, Jake had a bulging ear infection and myself having strep twice in a row) I forgot that today is the start of the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom‘s site. Sorry you had to come by on such a down day, I’ll get in the partying mood soon I promise… I’m usually a lot more lively. It’s a good thing that the party goes until next Friday. The great thing is… you don’t have to get all dressed up for this party. PJ’s and curlers are acceptable attire and of course the drink of the day is a biggest cup of Joe you can find.

Here’s a quick snippet on me: I’m a mother of 4 (8yrs, 6yrs, 4yrs & 18 months) who works outside and inside the home, I haven’t slept through the night in what seems like years and I’m married to the pastor. Take a look around and you’ll get a better glimpse of Shasher’s life.

If you’ve come by to party, sign the guest book (that’s code for leave a comment) and let me know you were here.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Dropping by from The Ultimate Blog Party!
    Hope that you get to feeling better soon!

  2. Oh, hope you’re much better! One thing I love about blogging is that I can type everything… this past week I’ve been completely without a voice! I am just now getting it back and it’s that cool raspy sound. Hubby likes it! : ) Hope you feel like partying soon!

  3. Aww I am sorry you are down in the dumps during the party! I used to get strep all of the time..I even had it on prom night. I hope that you feel better soon.

  4. I can sympathize! I had a bad case of strep in December. I hope you are well soon!

  5. Hope you get to feeling better real soon!


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog from the party. If you’re planning your Father in laws wedding, also check out the featured videos on our portfolio page.

    I’m sorry to read you’re not feeling too hot. A good laugh can always help. Try renting “Fun with Dick And Jane.” You’ll feel better in no time!

  7. Visiting for the party. Nice to meet you! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Nothing worse than feeling down during a party. Hope you’re up and roaring to go soon!

    Just making the party rounds and wanted to stop by and say Hi.

    I’ll be back again during the week.

    If you get the chance, stop by and check out my book giveaway!


  9. OMGosh! Strep twice in a row? I’d cry. Really, I hate sore throats, and strep is the worst!!!! I really feel for you!!

  10. I can’t believe you took the time to come to my party feelin’ as puny as you do! Aren’t you sweet?! I guess that’s part of being the preacher’s wife, huh?

    Party on!
    BTW, my dearest friend is Shazzer (not her real name, but its all we call her now). Now that I’ve typed that it doesn’t really look as close to Shasher as it sounded. Oh well, it’s already typed. 🙂

  11. Wow, I almost forgot about the party, so thanks for the reminder. Sorry you’re feeling so sick (and you have so many unwell family members.) I hope you can still enjoy the festivities anyway. Hugs. :~)

  12. Hi nice to meet you
    hope you get better soon
    wow you must have had some bad weather
    I have an 11 and a 15 nearly 16 month old both boys

  13. At least you can still attend this party even though you’re sick.

  14. I’m sorry to hear about you being sick. I know exsactly how you feel. I went to my doc’s wens. after being home from work 3 days feeling yucky and with a soar throat. They think I have strep throat. (wonder where I got it……… *Wink Wink* j/k ) I’m on amoxacillian-(there huge pink pills.) Anyways I hope you are feeling better soon I will being praying for your whole family. It is terrible being sick. 🙁

  15. Party hopping on a Saturday! Glad to meet you, and read your blog. If you get the chance, please stop by my place for a cup of virtual coffee and some party chit chat. Party on!


  16. Yousound like you’ve got your hands full! How do you find time to blog? I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. 🙁

  17. Dropping in on the party circuit. I think I have party headache today! yuck! Hope you’re doing better today.

  18. I am slowly making my way around the blog parties. It’s a good thing germs don’t travel through the blogosphere. 😀 Hope you’re feeling better, and thanks for having us over!

    Since my blog party post is no longer on my first page and my host won’t allow a “sticky post,” I’ll post the link to my blog party here. Hope you can stop by!

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