My site meter has given up its ghost. It’s not that I’m consumed with knowing the numbers of people that lurk around my blog or anything….. It has said ZERO visitors over the last two days and I can’t believe that that is true – say it ain’t so!!!! (If anyone know how I can fix it – I’d appreciate it. 2 days ago it said 11,215 and now it is 0 – I don’t like 0…)

Tomorrow is the official end of the Ultimate Blogging Party around. Almost 900 people got involved ~ that’s impressive. Thanks Janice and Susan for getting it started in the first place. I can’t believe the week has already gone by! Have you had fun getting to know new people and reading new blogs? I know I have!

If you didn’t already know… you’ve stumbled onto a Canadian blog – blogged by a Canadian. I am a very proud Canadian to boot. In University I majored in Canadian history — that took me all of about 2 years…. we’re a new country ok?!!! I love being from here. I also love hearing all the wonderful stereotypes people around the world have about Canada. I mean no offense to everyone else out there but this is funny…. I’ve had my fair share of moments, the following are answers to questions I have actually been asked!! This is on top of a clerk in Dallas, TX asking me what State Canada was in?! Truth!!

No we don’t live in Igloo’s although my hubby does sleep in one each winter he goes camping.

No we don’t use dog sled’s as a means of transportation.

Yes we do have warm weather and have a need for lawn mowers.

Yes we speak English.

Do you have any questions about this great land? Or heard of any stereotypes that you’d like to share or to clear up?

I know the number of visitors have dwindled since the first couple days of the party but I still have a ton of people to send thank you notes to for coming by my party. That will take up all next week… at least!!

Seriously — ask and share away!!


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  1. Ok… let me remind you that “we do live in igloo’s (especially during hunting season) and there are many people who use dog sleds to get around in… just not us who live in Southern Ontario… let’s not forget our friends to the North.
    My favourite question whenever I’m in the States are those who ask me if I know their friend, cousin, aunt, uncle etc… who lives in Canada. Much to their surprise we do not all know each other….

  2. I get questions like these ALL the time…ugh.

    On my way to another party…

  3. I would like to thank you very, very much for commenting on my blog. I appreciate peoples comments more than anything. I am very sad the party is coming to an end, which doesnt mean we cant all keep in touch when it is over right?

    Happy Blogging


  4. Oh boo! What is wrong with your meter? I’m here {{waving from Va, US}}!! Do you see me? 😉
    When we lived in Cali, I had a friend from Ontario & my hubs loved razzing her when she said “eh?”. Nice, I know.

  5. Thanks Shasher. I couldn’t believe I was the 900th person either. Hey its so good to meet a Canada mom too :). By the way.. I don’t think you all are that strange and if I had the chance I would move to Canada. We have been there once and look forward to going back.

  6. Howdy a little late from the states!
    I love the questions you have recieved … thankfully I do not believe I have yet to ask questions like that to anyone. Yet may be the key word in that sentence though LO!L

  7. Glad you cleared that up. I had wondered where you were.

    I actually have quite a few readers of my blog that are Canadian. Perhaps me being in the Great Northwest we are sartorially more similar.

    It’s funny too what people sometimes think about Washington and Oregon. Like it’s still the Oregon Territory.

    How many coats do you have?

  8. Oh Shash, I am rolling on the floor laughing. Imagine this: living in the ol’ US of A for over two decades, and people still ask me the weirdest questions about my homeland, Canada. And I LOVE it. It’s just plain fun. Canada is the greatest (and littlest known) place in the world. Enjoy it!

    So, do you still celebrate Hallowe’en with fireworks? And why? Everyone knows fireworks are for the Fourth of July!

    Hugs, e-Mom

  9. LOL! I’m glad you cleared that up. And people are so ignorant. People here in the US still think that NEW MEXICO is NOT part of the US. No it’s NOT Mexico! Get a map and a clue people.

  10. Hi Shasher! Thank you for stopping by my party and commenting! Would you believe SoCAL will be in the mid to upper 80s next week? Too bad the weather was so cold when you were there.

    Thanks for letting me take a look around 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I’m Canadian too. About 17 years ago I was in Watertown New York, and a woman whose husband was on Fort Drum asked me if it was true that we have bagged milk. She was fascinated by the idea. I thought that was sort of wierd – I wonder if they have bagged milk in the US by now???

    Also, about 6 years ago I was in Houston Texas, and I ordered a Rye and Coke in a pub. They had no idea what I meant by Rye. After much confusion, I looked at the guy and said “Wiskey, just bring me wiskey.”

  12. Hello,
    Lovely meeeting you and your beautiful family.
    Some things I do know about Canada:
    1.I subscribe to the Canadian Post Office’s collectors’ club. i love your stamps!
    2.Some 15 years ago, I was taking part in an International Scout &guide Jamboree. And there I met this Scout Leader who whenever he wanted to tell us something about his group’s activities he’d say something like:”When we went to my river…”. That was kind of funny for me!
    3. I can speak both English and French, so I’d feel at home in either part of the country.
    4.I love the landscape, especially forests and lakes?
    5. We sometimes love watching a Canadian Candid Camera kind of show on TV and lough out loud.
    There you are, Brownie points and all!
    Do stop by my blog. My party posts are still up.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  13. Pretty funny you need to clarify some of those misconceptions but there’s definitely a reason. I still remember my first day of college in the U.S. when someone asked me what language we speak “up there.”

  14. I have relatives who live in Montreal and I have gone to Canada quite a bit. I love Canada it’s pretty in the nicer weather and when it snows … oh boy. It’s the only place that I can go to any store and find my name written on fun stuff like cups, key chains, etc. For that alone it’s a cool place.

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