Happy Easter Everyone!! This has been a busy but a very fun weekend.

We had an incredible Good Friday Service, worship was awesome, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt for fun for the kiddios and then a wonderful luncheon. Our church really enjoys fellowshipping together. Acts 2:42 is our “motto”. Everything, but the newly fallen SNOW, made it an excellent start to the weekend! Can you pick out my Li Li in the photo?? He is the little character on the far left…

That night (Friday) we went for Turkey dinner at a friend’s place from church. They are selling their house so we helped them figure out how to place the furniture and what pictures to put on the walls, etc. We lent them some artwork, area rugs, side tables and candles to help stage the house. Our kids all played together and we watched them dance around and worship together too. I love being around Lil, she is a prayer warrior and just so full of love for Him and for others that you can’t help but smile every time you see her!

Saturday was another busy busy day for us. My hubby headed back to above mentioned friend’s house with a few other friends from church to help with touch up stuff, hang pictures and help organize and I stayed home to catch up on house work and laundry. 6 baskets of laundry all cleaned, folded and put away!! What a feat that was.

We had an unexpected visit from the Easter Bunny in the midst of all this… Li Li didn’t know what to think, he kept saying to my friend, “I know you’re in a costume” and Jake took a long while to warm up to her. He isn’t fond of anything that covers a person so that he can’t see their entire body, he’s even freaked out by hats that come down to almost cover the eyes. My house was her final stop before heading home. She even had to go into the bank and the grocery store all dressed up… she only put on tights so she couldn’t undress… It must have been a very warm and funny day for her!! Kids all over town were happy she was out that day!

Last night my hubby and I went out for dinner at a popular Italian restaurant in town for a friend’s 40th birthday. Her hubby surprised her with a little party. There were 4 couples in total, minus one wife who was home due to just having gall bladder surgery (get better soon Chris). We’ve been friends with these guys for quite a few years. Each of our oldest child is born within days of each other. We laughed so hard all night long, it was a great night with old friends. We definitely don’t do this often enough!!! I hope you had a great night Carolyn!!

Now today is Resurrection Sunday and the only strange and odd thing about today.. is that I am home instead of at church! My oldest, Q, is throwing up and my 3rd, Li Li, has a fever. My only daughter, Missy, went to church with daddy even though she’s coughing up a storm – she didn’t want to miss church! Jake, my 20 month old, is in the bathtub – after drawing a mustache on his face with a black marker… It’s a busy morning!!!

I have only missed one other Sunday service due to illness in 11 years of going to our church. It drove me nuts to be at home that day! I even made it to church after giving birth to each and every one of my kids. When we’ve gone on vacation – for more times than not – we’ve found a local church to attend. We love being in church. We love seeing what God is doing in different places around this world. We love meeting with other believers, bringing people the Good News and sharing in expanding the kingdom of God. To me… on Sunday… why would you want to be anywhere else??!!

Well, I just put in a roast so I better get out of my pj’s and get the house looking good before the Pastor comes home for lunch. I hope you’re all enjoying Resurrection Sunday service!!!

He is ALIVE!!!!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. What a good looking bunny!

    And what an eventful Easter holiday you’re having…

    Life seems too short to squeeze in all the things we want to do, glad you had some time to enjoy your friends.

    Have a great Easter Sunday!

  2. “…and just so full of love for Him and for others that you can’t help but smile every time you see her!” is exactly how I feel every time I come to read your blog, hun!
    I love being in church & could not stop smiling today. Or crying depending on the thought running through my mind: His suffering for me, or His love for me.
    Happy Easter, girl!

  3. Say hi to Lisa, George and family for us!

  4. Pete was home sick, and today Mr. Hockey is sick too…not fun…and Cutie Pie is coughing up a storm…yuck!!

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