As many of you know, we moved into an unfinished brand new house at the end of August 2005 with my in-law’s (we took the flooring and trim credit and the basement was bare – which is where our living space is located), duplex style but our portion was the unfinished part. It’s March 2007 and we’re still finishing it. A lot has happened in between these dates, my mother-in-law passed away (Oct/05) and now my father-in-law is remarrying and she is moving in here just over a month away. Dad wants to bring his bride home in a house (his portion) that doesn’t include 2 extra adults, 4 children, 1 international student and 1 room & boarder!!! Do you blame him??!!

This long wait and construction has been a bone of contention in my household and I’m sure with a few others on the outside looking in. We’ve been “temporarily” sharing my father-in-law’s kitchen all this time. We’ve been using our bedroom as our living room. We don’t have people over that often… I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the moment that I could unpack my own kitchen, living room, dining room and the kid’s toy room. Over 2 years most of my stuff has been in storage… (we packed most of our belongings to “stage” our last house when it went on the market in Feb/Mar 2005).

This past Saturday we bought our tile for the bathroom and it should be delivered and installed shortly. It’s black slate! Very contemporary and very sleek. We picked out our carpet – it’s SHAG!! (1″ long shag, cream with a chocolate brown fleck) – we also decided to go with cork flooring for the kitchen and dining room area (either African Ivory or Espresso brown, not sure which I should choose). Our kitchen cabinets are fully installed, they’re a chocolate brown from IKEA and 1 of the oak butcher block counter tops is on. Last week while my brother-in-law was down for my f-i-l’s 75th birthday… they hung all the doors in our living space portion of the house. It takes a long time to hang a door, I had NO idea!! The last pieces are all coming together and I’m started to feel a bit of relief. It has been a long, slow process to say the least. I’m glad the end is almost here!!!

We are going to have a giant homecoming party when we finish. I’m figuring sometime in May / June — I have a few more trips to IKEA to make!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I am so happy that it is all finally over for you guys…or is it just the beginning? Either way it will be nice to have a real space of your own again!

  2. so happy for you, what a long wait that has been! it sounds like great colors too! I wish we had an IKEA close by, but then without the income maybe that is a good thing?!

  3. Hey Im glad its almost over for your sake. I still have that couch I did find another one at leons but it will cost me $ so I will have to wait. hint hint gwen I would take yours instead. Any way still done have my computer so I have not been reading bloogs at all meg tells me about them as she reads at work. Was at lezy boy today with a friend and she picked a set out it will only cost her 7000 for the set one of them is leather. you got $ I wish Judy

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