Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing put out a little challenge yesterday (I didn’t realize it at first but it’s a contest). Post a picture of yourself Au Natural – sans a stitch of makeup! I frequently go days without wearing the stuff but rarely into public places (except for camping) or around anybody but my closest friends. I don’t know why, it must be ingrained into me that I must have it on in order to be complete.

One time I seriously forgot to put on my makeup before going to work. We’re not talking about just missing the lipstick either! A co-worker asked me if I was ill, they were serious. They thought I looked sick! What does that do to a persons confidence levels…

So here I go, I’m biting the bullet….. the baby should help distract you…

I double dog dare you to do the same and go bare!!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I don’t know why that was so hard. You don’t even really need the stuff.. You’re gorgeous au natural…

  2. That’s right… you look great all natural!! You are a beauty!


  3. well, you don’t look sick to me. You look great.

  4. thats a beautiful photo!

  5. Great pic! I can’t take the challenge…cause I’ve misplaced my camera. 🙁

  6. I rarely wear makeup except for Sunday’s or special occasions…

    I like wearing it… I just can’t be bothered most of the time.

    You look great, but then you always do!

  7. I love the picture! Too cute!

  8. You are a gorgeous mama – I agree with everyone, so carefree and beautiful!!!

  9. I think you look beautiful without it! You probably just weren’t glowing like this at work. Work can do that sometimes. 😉

  10. You’re a hot mama! Your baby looks so happy. 🙂

  11. you are so smart: a beautiful baby and a gorgeous background. If I needed to be distracted (which I don’t) that would do the trick! btw, I think you look great!

  12. You don’t need make-up!! I usually don’t leave the house without at least just a little on like foundation and concealer.

  13. Well, it seems that you and I are in the minority. I need to have make up on to leave the house, because you never know who you’re gonna see.

  14. Well you are beautiful with or without makeup. And, I think a lot of us did that baby in the pic thing. It really is distracting, isn’t it? You gotta love a baby!

  15. You look fantastic! I noticed only after tearing my eyes off of your absolutely ADORABLE little one. What a smile! I could just squeeze those beautiful cheeks. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Shash. It’s me, Nan, from the League of Pastors’ Wives blog. Just wanted to let you know that I made an announcement on the blog today and I’m trying to get a feel for what everyone thinks. Let me know if you can catch a minute! :^D

    Have you written anything specifically to other pastors’ wives or to “the world” about life as a pastor’s wife? Would you like to share it here? I am hoping to open up this blog to being a place where minister’s wives can share their most relevant to other ministers’ wives blog posts or articles.

    Due to the early stages of this, I would love, if you have something that you would like to publish here that, for you to submit it to me at the following address: nancypantslady at gmail dot com. It can be something that you write specifically for this or something that you’ve written for your own blog. Anything written that you have the personal publication rights to. :^)

    To contribute you must be a member of the blogroll and have the blogroll displayed somewhere on your blog. Eventually I may just open it up to be a true multi-contributor blog where you can have immediate access to post to the blog at will. Right now I just want to get a feel for the idea. I will be systematically making my way around to all of your blogs to let you know this is happening.

  17. you never needed makeup!

    not like me who’s FIL said wow do you ever look homely without makeup on….so ya won’t be playing in this challenge!!

  18. What a great picture. I don’t think you need make up at all!

  19. Totally a natural beauty! So that co-worker is a bit jealous huh?

    What a cutie you are holding too!

  20. OMWord! You are too cute!!! Not as cute as the baby though! lol.

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