We had another wonderful weekend, a short conference in an incredible church almost 2 hours away from home, Friday night and Saturday. We were hosted by a wonderful family with 4 boys, my kids (we only had my 3 boys with us) had a lot of fun with their new friends. This family opened their home and their arms to us, gave us their master bedroom and treated us as family even though we only met them hours before. This is one of the great things about relating to a larger group than ourselves. We can go anywhere in the world and find home.

The guest speakers came from both coasts to meet in the middle of the country and brought us such freeing messages of faith, hope and love – very timely words of encouragement.

The first speaker leads a church in Leesburg, Virginia – he and his wife (Ken and Michelle Grenfell) were with us in our church back in May. He has such a gifting of a teacher on his life, he makes everything understandable, so simple and yet profound. He and his wife also flow in the gift of prophecy. He spoke from Hebrews 3:7-13 guarding our hearts – above all else – for out of it flows LIFE. He talked on the dangers of allowing our hearts to become hardened – offended – astray – unbelieving. The commanded blessing of God cannot come when this happens.

He also walked us through Psalms 106 where the Israelites quickly forgot what God had done for them (the Red Sea etc) and they began to grumble, they only wanted to please themselves and grew envious of their leaders. They traded God’s ways for their own ways – Faith in the GOD for a god they could see. Immorality reached an all time peak. But for His grace and mercy they would have been destroyed. None of this would have happened if they had not lost their attitude of gratitude!! It’s not unforgiveness or offence we have to look out for it’s the attitude of our hearts. THANKFULNESS!!!! It’s a powerful tool. It opens the gates of righteousness. In all things – no matter what… give thanks!!! Never stop remembering what God has done for, is doing for us and will do. Make a memorial so that you will never get caught in the same trap the Israelites did. From ungratefulness – to offense – to disobedience – to 40 years wandering in circles in the desert! Guard your heart.

The second speaker came all this way from the west coast, Naniamo on Vancouver Island to be precise (Mike and Deb Graves). He and his wife have also been in our church and are amazing people. He held my attention while he talked on two things that hinder the flow of the commanded blessing of God – the flow of the Spirit of God in your life; unforgiveness and lack of faith expectancy.

He gave a great example of what unforgiveness/bitterness/offence is like. A beaver dam isn’t built in a day! It is one stick at a time over a period of time before the dam blocks the water flow, stops the river and begins to dry up once beautiful, lushes land. One stick at a time. One offence at a time, once chance to not forgive at a time, one moment of not guarding your heart at a time. Your heart is the filter of purification, the source of life, joy, love… above all else guard your heart. When it’s not dealt with – the Spirit of God ceases. The enemy uses these little issues to divide us, that is his plan. Matthew 12:22-26. A divided house is a weak house. The quicker we recognize it the better. Don’t give the devil any more music to dance by!! Guard your heart!!

His message on faith was awesome too. What activates the power of God? Faith! Faith is the switch and unbelief will turn the switch off faster than you can blink!! Faith is the channel that makes things that are possible for God to be possible for us. Without Faith it IS impossible to please Him. There is no substitute for Faith! Faith is for now and hope is for the future. We need to be fully persuaded that He is able to do what He says in His word He had/will do!! Ultimately…. it is a question of do we trust God?!

It’s amazing how his message tied in so well with the first speaker, God was the author of this weekend!!

It’s been an incredible journey over the past few weeks. I’m just so thankful to be a part of what God is doing!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Hey Shash…your right – GREAT post!! amazing isn’t it, when God is on the same theme, in so many different places – what’s the state of our hearts? Watch out for hardness, unforgiveness…and don’t lose that attitude of gratitude! Love the beaver dam analogy too! Thanks for posting this – it’s a real confirmation to me!

  2. See, looks what happens when you are obedient to God’s word! I am pointing fingers at myself too! LOL

  3. What an awesome post !! Very uplifting.

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