Last Friday my Missy had a great day! She got to take her Papa with her on a School trip. It’s not often that Papa is out here so to be here and be able to share in her day was a memorable moment. Her class went to the Safety Village next to our local Police Station. It’s a miniature town. They take a class first and then get to drive mini Jeeps around. They must obey all the traffic laws in order to pass their inspection. Their reward are Tim Bits! Typical Canadians, eh?! I’m sure she was the happiest little grade one student out there. Thanks Dad!

It reminded me of a trip I took in Kindergarten… My class was taking a ride on the old steam train north of North Vancouver. We missed the school bus leaving the school and my dad had to drive me up to where he thought the train would be and flag the train down. I totally remember getting on board and walking up to my class… yeah that’s right – my dad had all that power to stop a train in its tracks!! I think that was the defining moment where he was more than just my dad – he was my superhero.

I was 5! My daughter will be seven in 16 days… I know she’ll remember this time with her Papa. I just wish they had more moments like this….


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  1. That is so cool that Emma’s Papa got to go on a school trip with her, she won’t forget!

  2. I realllllly enjoyed the bus ride with approx 40 grade 1 and 2ers all talking at the same time and many trying to talk over the others. Emma just sat quiet next to me holding my hand. I enjoyed watching her drive that jeep around and without any tickets. All in All a day to remember – Thanks Emma.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time for the two of them!

    Driving sure starts early now!

    I don’t remember getting any timbits when I passed my driving test… : (

    Good for baby girl…

  4. I didn’t know about that little town…C would love it. I’m glad that Papa was able to go with Missy…I’m sure that she will cherish that memory.

  5. I have never heard of Tim Bits, what are they??? Dumb American, I know!

    How cool is that little town? I want to go there and drive a little jeep around! How fun! She will def remember this day with her Papa!

  6. Oh gosh- that has to be the COOLEST thing ever!!!! And what a sweet comment from Papa above!!


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