My weekends from now until June are totally booked with church events — this is how I can tell winter is over!! Even though we still have snow (grumble grumble snarl)… hibernation is over and busy season begins.

This Saturday = Parenting Seminar & Sunday = Baby Shower
Next Saturday = Spring Cleaning at the church & Sunday = Bridal Shower (for my mother-in-law to be).
Saturday after that = FIL & New MIL’s wedding & Sunday = My parents are here sharing about their trip to China.
First Saturday in May = Barn building work day at relating church in town an hour away (and daughter’s ballet recital) & Sunday = dinner and service with a friend’s church in a town 45 minutes away.
2nd Saturday in May = Our 11th wedding anniversary & Sunday = Mother’s Day.
3rd Saturday = wow, I think there’s nothing going on…. It’s Victoria Day weekend anyway…. & Sunday = Dinner and service with relating church an hour and a half away.
4th weekend = the end of our annual week long conference in the big city down the hwy & Sunday = guest speakers at the church & the relating church 10 minutes down the road is joining us.
1st weekend in June = HUGE church garage sale to raise money for the youth who are going to Africa next summer & Sunday = a regular service with a free afternoon!
2nd weekend = Princess Tea Party & Sunday = Father’s Day
3rd weekend = a free Saturday & Sunday = guest speakers

K, am I totally rambling and loosing you??!!!

Just looking at all this is making me tired. I need a vacation already…


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Sounds like a full busy time. Enjoy all the activity.

  2. Crazy schedule! On your free weekend… don’t forget the huge garage sale out this way!!!

    not that I’m trying to fill up the empty spaces… : )

  3. I’d rather have a full calendar then an empty one.

  4. your so busy… thanks for filling me in on everything I am now booked for.

    Remember that the recital weekend is a full 3 show weekend 🙂

    And I think you have so much going on that you mixed up two sundays in June….I will let you figure them out.

  5. Victoria long weekend…you forgot…out of town wedding.

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