My father-in-law is getting married at the end of this month and I am in charge of the decorations. I have been overwhelmingly busy (as per usual) with Church work, my office job and the family that I haven’t had time to do actual leg work. I’ve logged lots of hours in cyberspace, googling; sprays, centrepieces, candles and such… but my feet have yet to hit the pavement.

Until today that is.

I asked my friend, LH, to help this poor sap out. She’s just finished a floral course at our local college and is going to start up a floral business soon. Today she took me to the insiders shop of flowers to get an idea of what is available at this time of the year. This isn’t the greatest time of the year to get married… floraly speaking! But I think I’ve narrowed down what will be done ~ what kind of flower, vase and colour.

I spent this evening at another friend’s place gathering more ideas – she’s been to a ton of weddings in the last few years! We flipped through a rather large stack of magazines, drank very large cups of coffee and got inspired. Now if only I had a million dollars…

So much to do and so little time!!


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  1. hey…wedding planner! I awarded you a little something something on my blog!

  2. My sis has decorated for weddings…I could ask to borrow some of her stuff. Let me know what you were thinking and I can see if she has it.

  3. Where oh where does the time go! First there is alot of time and then there is none. Check my blog out. I have a guest blogger on it.

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