I can’t stop watching this commercial. Each time I do, I laugh hysterically, it doesn’t matter if I’m watching it alone or sharing it with the next person I come across. I even made my husband and my kids watch it. It makes me laugh out loud.

I don’t know why it resonates so much with me. Maybe it was all the time spent in the back corner of the public library, sneaking a peek at the Judy Blume books my mom wouldn’t let me read. Or the years watching my much older sisters and cousins go through their “Lady Days”.  Or the fact that I obsessed with getting my period starting around 11 years of age. My cousin who is a year older, got it, and so by all DNA rights, I should also have it. I would go to the store with her as she bought the pads with the straps and the belt… remember those ancient things?! And as she’d talk about her period, I’d find myself getting jealous. Why couldn’t I be as grown up as her?!!

After we moved to our last house on the North Shore, I turned 12, I met a group of girls who lived on my new street. They all seemed so much more mature and had it all together and going on. I wanted to be like them. The only difference between us… they had their periods and I didn’t.

What happens in this commercial as the girl tries to feel a little more grown up than she is, is absolutely hilarious. The mom has become my idol in all things parenting – I’m totally looking for a uterus pinata now… who’s up for bobbing for ovaries?!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Oh my!! I would have died if my mom did something like that! Looking at it now as a mom, it's our duty to embarrass our kids……isn't it! LOL!

  2. Tears! There are tears streaming down my face!! Bobbing for ovaries. Oh my gawd!!!


  3. LOL! this is hilarious. thank goodness moms don't really bob like that xD

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