I love my children!

Yesterday my daughter had a bunch of her friends over, she had fun showing them all about “her” new Kobo eRedeader. Then a bright idea came to them… why don’t we make a commercial and so they did. Aren’t they a talented bunch?! Pretty creative I think. My 5 yr old even got in on the act.

In all honesty, this would be a real portrayal of how they feel because ever since I received my Kobo from the She’s Connected Conference last Wednesday… it’s been held tight in their clutches.

When I asked my 10 yr old daughter why she likes the Kobo she said:

“I like it cause there’s a bunch of books already on it and I don’t have to go out and buy it, plus I hate the smell of real books. Oh… and it makes you want to read more. I can tell how much I’ve read on the book {Anne of Green Gables}, the Kobo says I’m 53% done. That’s cool and it leaves me a bookmark when I need to put it down or my brother takes it from me.”

My 12 yr old son had the package opened and set it all up before I even had a chance to get out of bed on Thursday! He immediately located, “Sherlock Holmes” & “Huckleberry Finn”. He hasn’t had as much reading time… his sister is pretty possessive! It’s great that they have so many great classics so close at hand.

I think they enjoy reading on the Kobo because it is a device, something new, an electronic extension of their arms… just like every other thing attached to their hands these days!

My hubby finally asked me about it! 🙂 He said it would be awesome to take it on his next trip, he loves to travel with 6+ books at a time. His carry-on always weighs a ton! Good thing I picked up the Pearlized Lilac one… at least he can’t steal it from me!

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