I’ve already read a dozen or so blogs about their experience at the She’s Connected Conference I attended last week. The amount of information that was covered and the networking we did… I’m still in recovery!

My day started off like none other though…

At the last minute I decided to drive into Milton to catch the GO Train and meet up with a couple other digitally connected women who were also going into Toronto for the day. I’m was a GO Train newbie! When I lived in British Columbia, I spent 4 summers taking the Sky Train from Surrey to the Vancouver Pier 6 days a week, so I thought I could handle a simple ride from Milton to Union Station.

I quickly hopped onto the train with a deliciously hot Starbuck’s Americano in hand and found my seat, there was hardly anyone there, least of all… the 2 people I was supposed to find and travel with. When you’re going by Avatar’s alone… this can be tricky! Thankfully we like to Tweet! I found out that we were all on the train but in different compartments, they said that they were towards the back. At the second stop I thought I’d try to find them and GO TO THE END cars behind me.

I was told by another passenger (who didn’t speak English very well so I now know he didn’t understand me…) that I had 2 minutes at each stop so I thought I’d have enough time to go to the car behind me, thinking that they must be towards the rear of the train. Rather than use the door between the cars… I got off the train to run around to the next one. As I was about to get back on, I heard the warning bell and the doors shut. ON ME! I had one arm inside the door, coffee still in hand. Looking back it was like the monkey who got his hand stuck in the cookie jar because he wouldn’t let go of the cookie… I tried my hardest to pry the doors back open. I could just imagine being dragged down the tracks… all the while preserving my precious beverage. I started to panic. I screamed at the top of my lungs for help. Quickly two men came to my rescue from the inside of the car and managed to get the doors open and I inside. Seconds before the train was on its way again.

My temperature rose and I started to sweat as panic sunk in (and I broke 2 nails). The great thing about that is… I forgot to put on deodorant in my rush to get ready at 4:30 in the morning.

For the remainder of the journey into the big city, I went towards the back of the train, from compartment to compartment – from inside this time – desperate to find my traveling companions. Finally I gave up with only a couple of stops to go. We’d try to find each other at Union Station.

I got off the very packed commuter train at our final destination in Toronto and made my way towards the front of the train to see if I could find these lovely ladies. There they were… waiting for me after getting off the car that was IN FRONT of the one I had originally stepped onto.

All this before 7:23am…

Thank You for putting up with me @MumsnChums and @Accustomedchaos! It was a pleasure to finally meet you — and under such great circumstances.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I'm hyperventilating just reading this Shash!

  2. And I thought traffic was tough to deal with. Not sure I would want to try the train after reading this. Yikes. Glad you made it there unscathed.

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