Here’s a close up shot for you!!

This is me with my last baby, child #4, Jacob Zane who arrived 2 months later weighing in at 10 lbs 7.5 oz. Click HERE for a story about him and definitely click HERE if you want to see what 10 lbs 7.5 oz looks like at birth!! (Those aren’t stretch marks…. they’re just the “my pants are too tight” marks often made in the 8th month of pregnancy.) I had a “birth plan” that the nurses laughed at often… and it actually included no stretch marks.This is the only belly shot I have on this computer. My photo albums are in the storage room, commonly known as the “black hole”, plus I am so far behind in my scrapbooking that they are either in no particular order in cheap plastic books, still in their photo developer store sleeve, or in a big pile in a shoe box… my poor older 3 children who have had to endure being born before we purchased a digital camera…. and my poor last child who’s photos can only be viewed by the crappy computer that is in our bedroom!!! Alas, this is a battle I hope to win this year!! Wish me well…

Thanks Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing for the photo tag idea, I’m glad I participated!!

It’s a strange looking linky but just click, “You’re next!” then you’ll see the usual box.Don’t forget we’re still partying, blog-style!! There are over 600 having a blast so far!! It’s not too late to join in!! p.s. A special thanks to Carol-Ann for re-arranging my blog & getting all the kinks out this weekend!!


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  1. Awesome! So glad you played along! Wow… 10 lbs… wow!


  2. Great pic…can’t even imaging 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you scared me for a minute!

  4. 10 pounds is a whole lot of baby! Great photo!

  5. I can’t even imagine how you walked upright with a baby that big in your belly! LOL. Wasn’t this a fun tag?/

  6. I had to read 10 pounds twice!

  7. I”m totally exhausted from the party lol and I’m feeling sooo slow! I wasn’t expecting so many people to sign up! how amazing!
    some day I’ll post my bump! lol
    I’m with #4 right now… only 3 months or so left!

  8. Wow, almost 10.5lb! :o) I have a friend who had a babe almost 11lb, then she had a little 7lber and just had her fourth who was 12lb and 23 3/4in. Makes my babies look like peanuts.

    Great belly picture!

  9. 10 lbs!! I guess my second was only 8 oz away from being that big too!

    Great picture. I like how your belly curves in to the middle!

  10. Cute site! Will be back to visit soon! Enjoy your party!

  11. I don’t see any stretch marks. I was doing awesome until Colin came along but considering his size, my stretch marks aren’t bad. I must say though I am not self conscious about them I call them my stripes. You look great after giving birth to 4 kids!

  12. My oh my!
    My daughter decided to make her entrance as soon as every body part and system was formed. It’s hard to believe you had just one baby in that belly that was almost two and a half times the size of her!

    Happy bloggin’!

  13. Hey — if anyone dropping in here hasn’t clicked over to see that BIG baby picture … well, you’ve missed the experience of the day! Sheesh, Shash! Too, too much!

  14. Cute pic. You have me beat by a few ounces. My last was 9lbs. 15oz. Nothing like a big healthy baby -and all the rolls mine had – so much fun!

  15. Hi, thanks for visiting! 🙂 What a great post. Happy partying!

  16. Oh I love the pic’s, and your blog looks great!

  17. Hi there from the party circuit. I see by your links I visit some of the same blogs. Wow 10 lbs…my biggest was 9 lbs 8 ozs. Great picture…I don’t have any pictures of my baby bump, we didn’t do that 23 years ago. Well it’s nice to meet you. Have fun surfing all the blogs.

  18. What a beautiful belly! Did you really not get any stretch marks?? I’m so jealous!

  19. OMG! He was huge! I had a cow when i found my last one was 8lbs. 13 oz.

  20. Sorry – I was here visiting the party and accidentally put my link in your Mr. Linky for the Photo Tag – I thought it was a linky for party people – I’m sorry.

    Good picture though! I wish I had taken more pictures of my tummy during my pregnancies.

  21. So. A birth plan that included no stretch marks you say? I applaud you, girl! 😉
    Beautiful belly shot!!
    We should compare baby pics. Starlet was only 5 lbs 13 oz!! I cannot imagine the difference!

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