I subscribe to Simply Stacie’s blog, cause she’s awesome, and today she posted a look at 2010 through her blog’s Google Analytic’s eyes.

I thought it was cool, being in the marketing business, I love stats… or did my love for stats come before marketing and that’s what led me to this field… whatever it is… I thought – WOW, that’s cool… I am so blogging this!

Now my stats aren’t nearly as juicy as hers but for me and this little ole blog, I think we’re doing just dandy thank you.

I had a total of 12,506 Visits from January 1 – December 31, 2010 and from April 1 to April 15, when I switched the look of my blog, the analytics was down. This is good for me, this is way more than double what I had for 2009. What’s even more incredible is that most of the traffic came in from April on! Now that’s success to me!

Top 7 Sites that Referred 1st Time New Visits in 2010:

#1) Coming in Direct brought in 66.47% new 1st time visits
#2) Feedburner brought in 38.67% new visits
#3) Blogger brought in 18.99% new visits
#4) StumbleUpon brought in 97.50% new visits
#5) Facebook brought in 50.47% new visits
#6) Twitter brought in 57.94% new visits
#7) Google (organic) brought in 78.87% new visits

Top 20 Sites that Referred Traffic in 2010:

#1) Blogger: 1,301 visits
#2) StumbleUpon: 879 visits
#3) Facebook: 852 visits
#4) Twitter: 787 visits
#5) Google: 218 visits
#6) Sha.res: 165 visits
#7) Tara’s View of the World: 157 visits
#8) A Very Special To Me Group of Pastor’s Wives: 144 visits
#9) Sitemeter: 122 visits
#10) Networkedblogs: 105 visits
#11) Simplystacie.net: 104 visits
#12) online-sweepstakes.com: 91 visits
#13) mombloggersclub.com: 85 visits
#14) 5minutesformom.com: 73 visits
#15) dreamsdiapersanddilemmas.blogspot.com: 73 visits
#16) hootsuite.com: 71 visits
#17) playhousedisney.ca: 59 visits
#18) pattonfamilymusings.blogspot.com: 56 visits
#19) xangelle.com: 49 visits
#20) cancontests.com: 44 visits

So what sites made your top 20? If you want to do a similar post on your site where you share your top 20 sites for 2010, please feel free to add the post link to the linky on Simply Stacie’s Blog for all of us to check out.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. that's awesome, Shash!! As long as the trend line is going UP I'm excited!

  2. Fantastic! It's so interesting to see where everyone's traffic is coming from- yeah I am nosey LOL!

  3. oh, and, YES, Tara, you ARE Awesome! 😉


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