I am enjoying myself immensely at the very first Blissdom Conference in Canada.

Yesterday was an extremely special day for me. A great start to this time in Toronto.

I got to meet up with someone I have had a relationship with for over 3 years but have never actually met. I love this new virtual world we live in.

I first met Tara, from Tara’s View of the World, through an online chat room / forum / support group for Pastor’s Wives. Yes, there is such a thing! We casually chatted via this media tool and through our blogs for a couple of years and then last winter I asked her to work for me with WhiteCloud Marketing. She now helps me keep things straight!! As our relationship grew, we began to talk almost on a daily basis thanks to the beauty of Skype.

Each morning, we talk using the video feed, while still in our jammies, hair in a towel and even before we’ve had our morning coffee. We’ve cleaned our houses while the video was still rolling, done our dishes and disciplined our kids, all the while continuing our conversation. Just as if we were actually in each other’s home. Our kids have got to know each other – our husbands have even chatted. It is the greatest virtual relationship I have ever had. 🙂

So yesterday, before Blissdom Canada started, my hubby and I (and our youngest boy, Jake – who btw was so excited to meet Tara that he giggled the entire time!) picked her up from the airport. This video below is the LIVE – caught on tape – recording of how we got to see each other in real life for the very first time.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. that's so great! I can't believe I'm missing all the fun! I want details on Blissdom when your back!

  2. That is an awesome video!! Glad you guys are able to meet each other without a computer blocking the view:-) Hope you are having a great time!!

  3. Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.

  4. I'm delighted to have met you at Blissdom too! See you tomorrow.

  5. That was so good to watch!

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  7. I love you too- it was so wonderful to meet you in real life finally and get to spend the past few days together at Blissdom!! I just hope it isn't another 3 years before we get to see eachother in person again.

  8. So fun! I am so glad you got that time :).

  9. Priceless! I love how no one wanted to get in the way of the camera, Canadians are just so sweet, eh? 😉

  10. Love it!!! What a fabulous video. And meeting IRL after all that time…priceless 🙂

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