sick little man
3:45AM we finally got to a bed…

I was far too tired, disorientated and partially delusional at 6AM when the doctor finally came in to see Q.  8 hours later she took 3 minutes with us & swabbed for Strep. 
2 days later it came back positive.
Now my throat hurts…

**** UPDATE ****

Took Q to a 2nd hospital out in the country today. He woke up this morning even sicker than before. Within a couple hours they did blood work and it came back positive… for MONO.

That’s what I thought it was & told the 1st Doctor at the 1st hospital to test for it… but she didn’t.

Sooooo he’s doubly sick and off school for another week at least.

UGH! Gotta love FREE medical. Go Canada Go!

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  1. Hope this week is better Shannon.
    ER's Suck!! lol

    My Organized Chaos

  2. Oh how awful!!! I hate those marathon trips! Hope your whole house feels well soon!

  3. Oh, ugh. Waiting a bazillion hours for a two minute appointment. Blech

  4. yuck!!! that is SO not fun 🙁

  5. I'm sorry! Is he feeling better? I hope you feel better too. {hugs}

  6. oh no! I hope you both feel better!

  7. Emergency is the WORST! 🙁 Poor mama and boy-o…hope you're on the road to brighter, sore-throat-free days!

  8. 8 hours for a throat swab?! 🙁 Oh man. 🙁

    I hope you are all better ASAP!

  9. Waiting when you are sick is awful 🙁 Hope he's feeling better!

  10. It's crazy how long they make you wait in the ER!! It really takes your entire day.

  11. You both look miserable in the photos. My throat hurts in sympathy with yours. Hope you both recover soonest!

  12. He actually looks terrible! Sheesh! You should move to Alberta…where one would never wait 8hrs in the ER.

    I hope your week gets better!

  13. Poor guy and poor Mom! I remember what 8 hours in the ER felt like and that 3:45am had to be especially not good. Hope he feels better soon and everyone else is in the clear.

  14. Denise Weatherly

    I would buy something for myself.

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