It’s nearly 5am and I’ve been up with JZ for most of the night. He’s whining and fussing and throwing up on me! I think it’s just his teeth but nothing is working. I’ve been pacing the floor for an hour now, my hubby tried his hand at it too but to no avail. He’s now sleeping in the basement on the couch – so at least one of us can function in the daylight with the 3 other kids. My poor international students… they’re right next door.

Time to pace again, he’s getting louder and fussier. 🙁
It’s now 2:30pm and the day hasn’t improved! Is it a full moon or something???!!!

I got absolutely NO sleep last night and this afternoon just when I got Mr Silly (3) and JZ (8 months) asleep and was about to close my eyes… the school called. Q (7) ran into a tree during break, his friend said it sounded like a rock hitting the tree. He has a nice sized goose egg on his forehead now. He and JZ are in my bed – what a pair!

This all on a day that I was supposed to be taking publicity photos for a friend who is producing a Variety Show tonight. I sent my hubby down to the theatre to take some shots of the dress rehearsal and it looks like he’s going alone tonight too to take pictures during the show. There’s no way at this point that JZ would be ok to sit through it, he’s a bit feverish and still fussy – which is SO not like him. I need a coffee…and a quiet place to curl up…


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  1. Oh, no fun…I hope he starts to feel better soon (and you too!)

  2. oh that is harsh! hopefully you will get a nap in today!

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