The last two mornings God has woken me up with a song of Thanksgiving. Yesterday morning I woke up with a dream and a song of thanks and said to myself to write it down before I forget. I forgot… I knew it was God giving me a message but I didn’t take the time to sit and go over it while I was awake.

You see… I have been a bit negative over the past week, due to unexpected expenses we incurred last week when our van’s breaks failed… Last night I went to bed a bit upset, yet again and my hubby says to me, “You need to give thanks for what we do have and stop focusing on what we don’t!” I hate it when he’s right.

Thankfully…. He’s a patient and loving Father! (God not my hubby, well… my hubby is too but I mean God right now) lol 🙂 God wakes me up again this morning with what I recognize as the same song as yesterday, “Oh give thanks unto the Lord, His mercy endures forever. God is good, God is good all the time!”. I sang that over and over again this morning while getting ready for the day.

It really makes a difference on how you start your day!! You can choose to focus on the negatives or focus on the positives throughout the day. No matter how your day ends… it was your choice.

I know all this already, I was raised by “Positive Thinker” parents!! But it is difficult, it doesn’t come easy or natural! It’s fun experiencing it seeing that right now in church we’re studying about renewing the mind and I’ve been reading a lot up on the brain the the effects proper thinking talking on your physical body.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. You’ve said it before…it comes down to choice. Do we choose to bear fruit or thorns in all circumstances no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. Expenses for brakes may not seem kingdom altering, unless our reaction causes something to seeth in our heart.

  2. we had a good foundation for walking out “life”! attitude does make a big difference!

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