This is what the basement looked like the day before we moved in, August 2005. A big empty space. The slider is where our dining room will be and the window to the far right… our kitchen. The original plan was to have it done by Christmas 2005. We’re only a year off…

Framing was complete in July 2006 and insulation is in (Aug 06). My hubby lived in the basement every moment he had to spare. This photo in front of the sliders aiming through the kitchen towards the basement stairs. That’s a bedroom behind the far right wall.

This is the sound proofing stuff I talked about the other day. I had fine green dust all over the upper floors for days… This is taken from the dining room looking into the living room space.

Finally there’s some drywall on ‘dem walls! This photo was taken today. It’s from the small window in the dining area towards the living room and that’s the bedroom in the back. (The bedroom will be used by our border from Jamaica) My hubby has to make a box for that post, we’re going to house the sound equipment in sometype of shelving.

This is the drama that is my house.


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  1. wow that is awesome!

    so you are having 3 students then?
    china japan and jamaica?????

  2. From Drama House to Dream House in a year. Praise God – Thank God

  3. Looking good…..Have a great week. I’m going camping.

  4. Woohhoo! That’s a big project. We renovate houses for a living and I know how much work that is. Good progress!

  5. YAY…you have walls!! see you in a week!

  6. How nice! I so wish we had a basement!! You’ll have to post pictures when it is all finished!

  7. Oh my – what a huge project indeed. Looking good so far. Looking forward seeing the finished basement/living area.

  8. Too cool! I love renovations. Unfortunately, I can’t do them. 🙁

  9. Well, you’re lucky that you have a hubby that can do that stuff. All my hubby can do is preach and teach biblical stuff. He has no other skills. That’s why it’s essential we find a church! He can’t do anything else!

  10. This looks way to familiar. We just built a house and still need to finish the garage. Camping sounds fun but it is already very chilly up here in the mountains.

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