The kid’s vacation from school is almost over, they only get 6 school days off. The weather warmed up at least for them, although it’s mucky from all the melting snow – which is all black and dirty — it’s not a pretty picture! The ducks are coming back into the pond area behind our house and last night we saw a Robin. Those are signs of a real spring arrival right?!

We had a short but powerful winter. Christmas was unusually green but February was colder than ever – I guess it balances itself out in the end. I’m just glad it’s done!!

The kids haven’t done a whole lot this week. I’ve had the van at work and then we’ve had church stuff most every evening. The only evening we had “free” my hubby worked an 8 hour shift at the group home. On Monday morning my hubby took the oldest three and a friend to see, “The Night at the Museum”. All matinees this week are $2 and $3 depending on where you go. He was going to take the boys to the outdoorman show today but the other daddy who is home with his boys couldn’t get the van from his wife…. they are two peas in a pod!!!

Missy is the only one with a friend in this neighbourhood so her brother Q is a little jealous. He managed to Wiesel his way over to her house this morning when she came by to get Missy. Li Li will then be the only kid home with daddy while I’m at work ’cause I’m about to drop off Jake at the Redhead’s Zoo.

Going to work right now has been a chore. I finished my Penicillin on Sunday night and my throat starting hurting on Tuesday. Yesterday I saw a doctor (mine’s on holidays), he thinks it’s a reaction to the Penicillin, it’s not strep again. Then on Tuesday night I stepped on one of Missy’s belt buckles. The hook thingy went right up into the ball of my foot, you know… the nice soft tissue part! It’s so sore today and purple. What a week so far eh?!

How’s your spring break going??


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  1. Kayla keeps saying “mom the snow is all gone, it’s summer!” Ha!Ha!
    Well I must say I have had a rather boring spring break but I am happy spring is on it’s way.

  2. Greetings from Shreveport, LA where it is 76 degrees and my tulips are coming up!

  3. I have stepped on so many things in my life that have gone straight through my foot. My favorite was one of those paddle toys – it was a bunch of little wooden pecking chickens. I took all the chickens out and left a paddle with long nails just out in the hall… ran and jumped on it. SMART!!!!

    At least you all get GREAT SNOW!!!

    I remember living out in the middle of nowhere. It seemed like either me or my sister had friends – and the age difference didn’t make it easy to share.

    I hope your foot feels better. I’m a foot wuss!

  4. only 6 days??? we get 2 weeks but we don’t get spring break till Easter! hope they are having a good week!
    love ya

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