Apparently today was not a federal holiday like I thought… something about our Provincial Liberal government trying to make an attempt to get more votes… whatever the reason, I enjoyed having the day off. 🙂 If our friends to the south of us can have the day off to celebrate President’s Day… why shouldn’t all of us Canadians have the day off to celebrate Family Day?!

I had the great idea to take my kids skating today. I heard about a free skate inside one of our malls (the mall itself was closed but the rink was open) what I didn’t figure… was that hundreds and hundreds of other parents heard the very same thing!! The place was packed to the rafters. No one was counting people as they entered the building let alone the ice surface!! There were a huge mix of wall crawlers, bum smackers and those whizzing by at speeds far too fast for so many people in one small space at one time. Since I don’t have skates anymore and neither does my 5 year old, we waited at the sidelines and watched through the dirty, snot smeared panes of Plexiglas. I love public places…

My two oldest children joined the loop. Going around and around the oval – again and again. Trying not to knock anyone down or get knocked down all at the same time. They are at the stage where skating is a big chore, every leg movement is done with such intense concentration. Left – right – left – right. “I’m not going to fall down – I’m not going to fall down!” We put them in lessons last year and apparently we needed to keep up the practice. At their age – I was skating on outdoor ponds but then again I had a father who was ice crazy! My hubby… not so much.

I actually haven’t skated since before the kids arrived. I received a pair of skates from one of my sister-in-laws the first Christmas in Ontario but they didn’t fit after Q’s pregnancy. Why do our feet change so much??!! I sold them in a garage sale years ago. I should replace them… maybe next year… I’m not very Canadian, am I?

So for those of you who live in this Province and didn’t have to work (not all places were closed), what did you do with your Family Day? Or for you in the US… how did you celebrate President’s Day?


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  1. I found your blog listed on the Christian Women Online blogroll. I just had a regular day here, in the U.S. Since it was Presidents Day, I had planned to read about Washington and Lincoln to my homeschooled kids. But, that didn’t happen. Who wants to learn when everyone else has the day off. It sounds like your day was chaotic at the rink. All those people means lots of sick germs were probably flying around. I hope your kids don’t get sick. That’s what usually happens to us.

  2. We know Jay and Val really well. We just saw them last month. Also, we know John and Helen Burns well because Derek used to be the director of KCM Canada and that is where he went to church. He still considers John his Canadian pastor. That is crazy!

  3. we didn’t have a day off out here! although friday they have school off for report card writing day!
    and tomorrow night I have a PAC executive meeting where a certain something might be hitting the fan… so if you think of me pray!! this is not fun!

  4. Our kids also have Friday off for a PA Day, so they only go to school for 3 days this week. They’ve had so many snow days – they’ve missed at least a day a week since Christmas break.

  5. We enjoyed a day of relaxing. No expectations, no responsibilities. We napped, played lego with the kids and watched some TV. Every once in a while we just need a bum day.

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