With the whirlwind that is my life, I’ve been slow in sharing some monumental updates with you (unless you follow me on Instagram!). I recently shared with you about our daughter’s wedding this past May and then it dawned on me…. I transitioned into a role that I had eagerly awaited but am experiencing differently than I imagined – that of a grandparent.

Zion and Mimi – July 2023

Grandchildren: The Joys That Words Cannot Capture

Yes, you read it right! I am the proud grandparent of not one but TWO wonderful grandchildren. It’s surreal even as I write these words. My eldest son, Quinton, and his wonderful wife, Lara, have begun their own family journey. Over the last two years, they’ve welcomed two incredible boys into our world and inadvertently turned me into the happiest grandma scratch that… Mimi, on the planet.

Zion: The First Ray of Sunshine

Zion burst into our lives two years ago while we were still living in Kitchener, Ontario. With Quinton and Lara in our basement apartment – each day for nine months, I got to hold this precious baby boy! Now that we live several Provinces away, through Facetime and photos in our family chat, I’ve seen him take his first steps, heard his giggles, and watched as he curiously discovers his surroundings. While technology has been a blessing, allowing me to be a part of these milestones, it cannot replace holding him close, feeling his heartbeat against mine, or the simple pleasure of reading him a story from his favourite book in person.

Micah: The Newest Addition

Just as we thought our hearts were full, along came Micah this past summer to prove that there’s always room for more love. A perfect complement to his big brother, Micah’s baby coos and giggles have become the new soundtrack in the Mischuk household. While I’ve only met him once in person (we spent a week with them on a lake at the end of July)… every video chat – every picture of his bright eyes and cherubic smile, bridges the gap a bit more. The longing to cuddle him, to smell him, to feel his tiny fingers wrap around mine grows every day. But until then, the digital lullabies and virtual kisses will have to do.

Love Beyond Boundaries: The Long-Distance Grandparent’s Journey

Living several provinces away from my grandchildren has been bittersweet. While I deeply cherish the joy they bring into my life, there’s an undeniable ache of not being there for the day-to-day wonders.

However, this distance has also taught me a valuable lesson: love knows no boundaries. Every shared moment- even over a video call – strengthens our bond. While I might not be there physically, my heart resides with Zion, Micah, Quinton, and Lara every single day.

I can’t wait for the day we can bridge this physical gap. Until then, I hold onto the memories we’ve created, the virtual moments we share, and the hope of countless tomorrows filled with close embraces.

Here’s to every grandparent, parent, sibling, or friend separated from their loved ones – may you find your way back to each other soon.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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