Yesterday I was getting Li Li ready for school – he didn’t want to go – his tummy was hurting all of a sudden. While I was putting on his coat, I put my hand on his belly and said, “In Jesus name…” – he interupts me and shouts, “No! Don’t heal me!”. I laughed. He really wanted to stay home!

I love you Li Li, you make me smile!

(here with my niece Monica at Christmas)


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  1. HAHAHAH!!! That’s HILARIOUS! Its amazing the things kids come up with.

  2. I love Liam! thanks for the laugh buddy.

  3. How precious! I hope his tummy is just fine and that he had a great day at school!

  4. This is HILARIOUS! I’m laughing out loud at work. Thanks for cheering up a snowy, wet, bleak, dreary Friday!

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