Every night when we put the kids to bed we pray over them and they take turns praying as well. They pray for friends, family, and their own protection. The other night Q was praying for Grandpa (my hubby’s dad, who lives with us) as he does almost every night, for strength and health in his body, and the other night he adds…. “and I pray that we don’t bother Grampa anymore.” This got me thinking about our present living situation. We’re still on “Grandma and Grandpa’s” floor, using their kitchen and eating at their table. When mom passed away last October it sent things into a tizzy and we haven’t completed our own space yet, but we are actively working on it. Anyways, it really made me realize that the chaos that is my home is affecting my children… still. I can’t wait either Q until we can let Grandpa have his space back so we all don’t feel like we’re intruding, even though I’m sure he doesn’t see it that way…. at times.

Tonight my 3-year-old took his turn praying, “Jesus thank you for my little old toe that I hurt tonight.” I love the way he talks…. little old toe.

We can learn a lot from our kids ~ I know I am.


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  1. I love the things the kids want to pray for!! it always blesses me to know they are in love with Him!

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